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Watch This Week: Throwback Movies

by Culture Staff

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If you are looking for more inspiration to stream this week or trying to recover from MarMon, then check out this list of throwback movies and classics, old and slightly-less-than-old, to watch this week, as compiled by our Culture staff.

Pretty in Pink

Janelle Monae’s music video for her song, “Pynk” revitalized both our love for the color, and also Molly Ringwald’s love for one of the 80s classics she starred in.

Pretty in Pink stars Ringwald, (also in The Breakfast Club) as Andie, a typical 80s high school film teenager navigating high school drama, romance and prom. It’s available to stream on YouTube and Amazon Video.


A mid-2000s favorite, Aquamarine stars JoJo and Emma Roberts as childhood friends Hailey and Claire, who - when Hailey’s mother decides to move the family to Australia - make a wish during a thunderstorm to save their friendship. They encounter a mysterious mermaid, who will grant their wish if they find her love in three days. It’s available to stream on Amazon Video.

Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon’s 2001 cult favorite is about a UCLA sorority girl-turned Harvard Law student, trying to win her boyfriend back and finding her own self-worth in the process instead. The film is available to stream on iTunes, YouTube and Amazon Video.

How to Steal a Million

The farthest-back throwback of them all, this 1966 classic stars Audrey Hepburn as Nicole Bonnet, a young woman helping her father commit heists and forgeries, and attempts to steal a million-dollar vase to help him from getting caught. The film is available to stream on YouTube.

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