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Internships Abroad

by Vanessa Ullman

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No matter if it is local or cross-country, paid or unpaid, competitive or noncompetitive, an internship is an internship. It is no secret that a number of BU students will embark on internship adventures this summer, whether it is their first or fourth.

Lately, several companies have claimed that the international internship experience is one worth trying out. The websites CareerUp, Go Overseas and CIS Abroad boast the benefits of having an internship outside of your home country. The three companies focus on internship placements for students and match students with companies in places across the globe.

While it sounds nice to have a third party figure out your summer plans for you, you need to make sure it makes sense, both financially and logistically.

CareerUp is the first company that, like its peers, is one of several up-and-coming internship placement companies. Just like a typical internship, one applies to the CareerUp program, their application is reviewed, and they are either accepted or rejected. Those admitted to the program are interviewed by individual companies and matched with internships in one of five cities: London, Singapore, Beijing, Sydney or Manila.

Another pro of CareerUp is that they will even figure out flights, hotels and itineraries for you, giving you more time to focus on other details of the trip. This advice comes at a price, of course. While housing, transportation, LinkedIn help, career coaching and more amenities are free, the overall payment for CareerUp can be pricey. Most internships range from two to three months, with two months averaging $6,000-$7,000 and three months close to $8,000-$10,000.

This cost does not include the price of airfare, food, or other expenses that might come up along the way. However, this payment does include a pre-approved and guaranteed internship placement, which suggests that the program is worthwhile. From internships in finance, to computer engineering, to HR & talent management, the possibilities with CareerUp are endless.

A similar website, Go Overseas, also helps students find their dream internships abroad, as well as teaching, studying, volunteering or attending high school aboard. The company’s slogan is: “Make your resume stand out with international experience.”

Go Overseas also differs in that it offers student reviews on their programs with ratings given in specific categories including the impact, support, housing and safety. These reviews provide a helpful guide for other students deciding whether a particular program sounds right for them.

Unlike CareerUp, Go Overseas only helps you secure the internship, and the rest is up to you. So, if you are looking for an international internship locator that is more hands-off, Go Overseas might be a better fit.

CIS Abroad is similar to CareerUp, as the website details a more general application, program coordinator and orientation program. New to CIS Abroad is a GPA requirement of 2.5, which suggests that is might be more selective than the other companies.

Like CareerUp and Go Overseas, CIS Abroad has programs in a range of fields of study, with over 15 countries to choose from. Ghana, Scotland, Argentina and New Zealand are just some of the options, as well as programs in art and design, health, business and education.

CIS Abroad programs vary in price from location, length and area of interest. However, like CareerUp, the payment includes amenities such as housing, orientation, medical insurance and more.

It is clear that the best internship fit is different for each individual student. While CareerUp might be a more expensive option, it also does a lot of the tedious work for you. If you are more independent, Go Overseas allows you to pick your own program based on their options and reviews from other students. CIS Abroad is a mix of the two, with a large array of programs like Go Overseas, but with the additional convenience of CareerUp.

If you are looking for an internship aboard this summer, check out these companies. The experience might be just what you are looking for, and the websites are there are help.

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