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A Triple Threat

by Riley Lane

photography courtesy of Riley Lane

New Yorkbased indie-rock band Beach Fossils and new-punk band Wavves stopped at Paradise Rock Club on Sunday, October 28th as part of their nationwide “I Love You” tour. Beach Fossils and Wavves change off headlining intermittently throughout the tour, and it was Wavves who headlined this Boston performance.

Indiana native and former Hoops guitarist Kevin Krauter opened the show, playing a myriad of tracks from his new LP, Toss Up, as well as the “Reckless” single off of his 2016 LP, Changes. He brought along his band for a guitar and synth-heavy set, finished off by Krauter’s own unique blend of soft rock and electronica pop.

Toss Up marked up a change in Krauter’s style, leaning into the contemporary indie-pop scene, blending retro ‘80s synth patterns with rock centered guitar-based chord structures. Moving away from his more acoustic focused music, this change reveal a more energetic set, with a faster and louder soundscape.

This sound is becoming increasingly more popular in the young indie community, drawing on ‘80s pop influences, hip-hop and big indie rock acts of the late 2000s. Krauter stands out with his exceptional vocal ability and unique melodies, which pairs incredibly with his vivid songwriting.

Highlights from Kevin’s set included “Rollerskate,” and “Lonely Boogie,” two electronica-rock pieces that showed off the band’s varied skillset and energetic performance ability.

Coming on stage with their SNL spoof opening, Beach Fossils performed next, playing a number of songs from their 2017 LP, Somersault, as well as numerous classics from earlier works. Starting off with the LP’s lead single, “Down the Line,” the band instantly energized the crowd, who formed a small mosh pit near the front of the stage. Patrons who attempted to crowd surf were escorted to the back, which didn’t deter them from getting back in and doing it all over again.

Somersault shows Beach Fossils perfecting the sound they’ve been cultivating since their 2011 EP, What a Pleasure. While focused, the album innovates and pushes the sound less than what might have been expected. It does, however, feature incredibly thought-out production and songwriting, taking its place as one of Beach Fossils’ most polished records.

The band played a number of other hits, such as “May 1st,” “Sugar” and their extremely popular hit “Sleep Apnea,” from 2013’s LP, Clash the Truth. The entire set was exceptionally tight, showcasing the band’s extensive touring and live experience.

As headliner, Wavves performed last, bringing a high tempo, high energy and electrifying set. Playing their stand-out singles from their 2017 LP, You’re Welcome, the band ended up needing the help of two additional security guards to control the increasingly energized crowd.

“It was much better than I expected, initially I was surprised by the choice to put Kevin Krauter, Beach Fossils and Wavves together because they all seem like pretty different groups, but it actually made for a really great show,” said Annie Millman (Pardee ’22). An extremely polished three-part performance, the bands put on an exceptional night of indie-rock soundscapes.

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