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Trend Alert: Neon

by Guenevere Dunstan

photography courtesy of Cushnie Instagram

Say goodbye to your monochromatic ensembles because psychedelia is back in!

Seen on the runways of several top brands, including Gucci, Prabal Gurung, Tibi and Cushnie, neon has made a major comeback this season. While mixing eclectic colors may be intimidating at first, there is no better way to spice up a dreary Boston winter day than with a pop of neon.

Gucci’s Spring 2019 runway was a plethora of neon glitter, lurex and fringe. Held in a vintage Parisian theatre from the ’80s, the models looked as if they were attending a raging nightclub. The couture-esque dresses had juxtaposed shoulder pads and elaborate silhouettes, creating an aurora of extravaganza. One show stopping look included a head to toe matching pink twinset, reminiscent of Mean Girls. Another standout ensemble was a neon pink and orange dress, with a pleated top that had highly emphasized shoulder pads.

Prabal Gurung brightened their catwalk with mixed combinations of neon pinks, blues, greens and yellows. At times they paired colors together, such as neon pink and green. His collection had an air of athleticism, with dresses that were tied by the pull cords of climbing equipment and oversized windbreakers. New for Prabal Gurung, this collection focused on unisex pieces, with many structured and tailored looks that could be sported by anyone.

Tibi, a brand that embodies elegance and gentility, offered a mature way to sport neon with their Fall 2018 collection. Models were seen wearing neutral pantsuits with a pop of neon on the top and muted dresses with neon coats. On standout look included a neutral brown fur coat and leather pants, brightened with the addition of an electric purple scarf. Even bolder, a neon orange fur was sported overtop an electric blue dress, playing with the concept of complementary colors.

Up and coming designer, Cushnie, incorporated her Jamaican roots into her collection with bold pinks, greens and blues. Combining neon with casual daywear, a gorgeous yellow maxi dress was spotted on her Spring 2019 runway, making everyone nostalgic for sunnier days. Another bold look was an electric pink off the shoulder jumpsuit, with a sliver of pink mesh on the waist.

Just as prevalent as the neon clothing that was seen this season, there was an overabundance of electric beauty looks spotted on street style icons and celebrities. As a huge fan of the neon trend, Kendall Jenner professed her love for neon green by coordinating her top and bold earrings with neon green cat eyes. Also jumping on the neon bandwagon, Cardi B matched her neon pink hair with equally as bright pink lids. Demonstrating how neon can be equally as cool on guys, professional skateboarder, Evan Mock, caught Frank Ocean’s attention with his neon pink buzz cut, even prompting Vogue to write a spotlight article on him.

It’s time to push your black pieces to the back of your closet and incorporate some neon into your looks. Whether it’s a tiny pop of neon eyeliner or a head to toe neon outfit, don’t be afraid to be bold this season!

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