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Best of Dining Hall Desserts

by Alyssa Yeh

photography courtesy of BU Dining Instagram

As the highlight of any student’s daily meal, dessert at Boston University’s three dining halls is an essential part of campus life. Whether you are a seasonal veteran or an incoming freshman checking out BU’s food scene, there is always something new to explore! Stray from your usual lactose-free ice cream and try a banana cake, or mix and match with some diced fruit and vanilla pudding. To get you started, here is a comprehensive but short list of the best desserts you can find in the dining hall, from least to greatest. Enjoy!

1. Cookie:

The most regular appearance on the dessert menu is cookies because they are dependable and delicious! They are great for students on the go, too. Just wrap one (or a few) up in a napkin and you are all set for that walk to class or a BU Shuttle ride. Without further ado, here are the top four choices of cookies:

Snickerdoodle: comforting and chewy.

Homemade Sugar: doughy and sweet (bonus if the orange sprinkles are on top)!

Chocolate Chip: a consistent classic, and okay, who doesn’t love chocolate chip?

Carnival: M&M-filled and just a little crispier than the rest!

2. Chai Latte Cake:

A unique, vegan chai tea flavored dessert. Why go to an expensive artisanal bakery when you could just head to the dining hall? Fall in love with this minimal cake that has the perfect amount of richness and flavor.

3. French Toast Crunch Bars:

Like a rice krispy treat but better, this one is for all of you cereal lovers who want to take things to the next level. Ooey, gooey cinnamon goodness with just the right amount of crunch!

4. Apple Crisp

Introducing the all-American, old-fashioned fan favorite. Paired with vanilla ice cream, the Apple Crisp is sure to satisfy all your cravings for a sweet treat.

5. Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Gooey on the inside, chewy on the outside—what more could you ask for? Extra amazing if you happen to grab one while it’s still warm. This decadent cake is also amazing with vanilla ice cream, or a nice glass of milk.

6. Any Flavor of Ice Cream with Any Kind of Cereal

Step aside, trendy ice cream shops, and make way for the BU Dining Halls. Vanilla ice cream with Lucky Charms is the recommended starting point, but any combo is sure to please. Impress your friends with your gourmet collaboration dessert!

Bonus: Pinkberry

While not available in the dining halls, Pinkberry is arguably the best usage of dining points on campus. It’s tangy, sweet, and refreshing on both hot and cold days. Plus, it’s made with nonfat yogurt and milk. You can choose from toppings that range from fresh fruit to popping boba to toasted almonds!

Hopefully you’ve discovered a new dessert to try or have even seen your favorite on this list, but if not, never fear! The menus for the dining halls are updated daily, so you can pick and choose how to satisfy your sweet tooth for the day.

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