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Restaurants Around BU

by Riley Holcomb

photo by Kayleigh Schweiker

Everyone has those days when the thought of going to the dining hall just seems impossible. No turkey burger, sandwich station or stir-fry seems appetizing and all you can think about is eating actual human food. To satisfy this craving, here is a list of restaurants on and around campus, perfect for taking that much-needed break from the dining hall.

Carlo’s Cucina Italiana

This restaurant is just a few blocks past West Campus and is a solid option for those who are craving an authentic Italian dinner, not the pasta station in the dining hall. Even though the place itself is a little small in size, the portions definitely make up for it. No matter what entrée you order, it is guaranteed that you will walk out with your stomach full and a to-go box in hand. Carlo’s also saves you a trip to the North End, a budget-friendly and delicious choice all around.

“I think Carlo’s has a great atmosphere,” said Jaya Gupta (COM ’21). “It feels like you’re eating a fresh home-cooked meal even though you’re at school. And not to mention, the pasta is to die for.”

Noodle Street

This Thai food establishment is for those who need a quick bite between classes or those who live in or closer to East Campus, as it is located directly on Commonwealth Avenue with Sargent and Questrom on opposite sides.

“Noodle Street is amazing,” said Ashton Ebersole (COM ’22). “I probably go there too often, but it’s just so good. I get their veggie pad Thai and it’s the best I’ve ever had, plus it’s really easy to stop by after my classes and pick it up.”

Noodle Street is one of many Thai restaurants that can be found around campus. A Central Campus favorite is Nud Pob, which is situated across from Marsh Plaza, while West Campus is home to Brown Sugar Cafe and Thai Dish. All of these restaurants serve authentic Thai dishes and will definitely provide you with a better meal than the stir-fry station at the dining hall.

“Personally, I love Brown Sugar Cafe,” said Kaitlyn Lee (QST ’22). “I think they have the best chicken pad Thai and it’s a quick walk from my dorm. It’s super convenient and tastes really good.”

Blaze Pizza

This pizzeria is located in West Campus next to Paradise Rock Club, and is great for when you don’t want to spend your dining points on another Domino's pizza. Here you can make your own pizza with as many toppings as you want, get a salad or even order dough knots. This is a quick and easy option if you need something on-the-go or want to bring it back to your dorm.

“I like going to Blaze Pizza because every time I go, I get something different,” said Wyatt Greiner (QST ’22). “Their wide variety of toppings makes every pizza unique.”

OTTO Pizza in West is another fast-casual place that serves crispy Portland pies in a more trendy atmosphere. You can choose to dine-in here as well as order to-go.

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