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I know I’m not the only one who has been distraught this past year at the inability to throw on a fabulous outfit for a night out or even a mundane dinner. While the idea of being trapped in PJ’s for months on end sent me into panic mode at the beginning of quarantine, I have to say that my current fashion staples have done a complete 180. One of the best fashion-related epiphanies I had over quarantine is that wearing sweats is really not that bad (...okay I can’t lie I’ve always loved sweats but the point is still there). In fact, quarantine even introduced me to items I never knew I needed. While I still dream about the day that sparkly tops re-enter my wardrobe, I will not be putting these items on the back burner any longer.

The Loungewear Set

Pre-quarantine, my sweats consisted mainly of Lululemon joggers and oversized hoodies. But then loungewear sets entered the chat. I truly live in my matching sets. Currently, I have a whole subsection of my closet dedicated to them. Not only is it an instant outfit, but styled correctly it can also turn into the ultimate model-off-duty look. Suffice to say, I have never felt so badass standing in a Trader Joe’s line than I do in my matching ensemble.

The Perfect House Slippers

Never have I been a fan of slippers. They give me horrible flashbacks to when I would wear UGG moccasins to school with my uniform. Truly a crime. However, they now have become my footwear of choice. I love jumping out of bed to little plush clouds under my feet. I know I am not alone, and brands have taken notice. Now, there are so many options for cute slippers. Never again will I be caught walking around my house in socks. Case closed.

Luxe PJ’s

Okay, this one isn’t necessarily new for me. I have always been very serious about my pajama game. I don’t know what it is, but I really just feel like I get a better night’s sleep in a nice set rather than an old t-shirt and shorts. Although, quarantine has shown me a plethora of different PJ options I never knew existed. I almost want to wear them out. Not kidding.


Beanies are such a love/hate item for me. Of course, they are functional in the winter, but wearing them inside just feels strange to me. Now, on days when I skip a shampoo, they are the perfect way to disguise my hair. Plus, they are being sold by all the coolest brands right now.

Zoom-Worthy Blouses

Quarantine has made me focus so much more on what I wear for tops instead of bottoms (for obvious reasons). I have definitely been a lot more creative in putting together a stand-out look when I can only be seen from the waist up. It has also really opened my eyes to what looks good on me on camera. With that being said, many of my blouses have recently traveled over to donation centers.


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