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Exploring four TikTok trends featuring popular Arabic songs 

By Kiana Golchin 

Photo By Adriana Rivera

“He asked me what my favorite vegetables are and I said carats…legend has it he’s still in shik shak shok.”

This TikTok is just one of the many amusing viral videos on the app featuring a popular Arabic audio. The trend, which has gained global popularity, consists of users responding to hypothetical questions with witty and boujee wordplay, leaving the hypothetical questioner in “shock” or, to match the song lyrics, “shik shak shok.” Leveraging a common stereotype that Middle Eastern girls value luxury and sophistication – particularly in their partners – it is mostly this demographic that has dominated the trend and given more popularity to ​​Hassan Abu El So’oud’s energetic song. Give it a listen; it’s catchiness might shok you. 


This nostalgic song by Hamid El Shari is a classic Arabic masterpiece renowned for its emotional depth and beautiful melody. On TikTok, its beauty is celebrated through aesthetic montages of various places, typically in Arab countries. Whenever this song appears on my For You Page, I know I’m about to watch a video of the most stunning views and a display of cultural richness that isn’t often portrayed in mainstream media. All of Hamid El Shari’s music exudes a similar hypnotic charm, so be sure to check this and the rest of his songs out. 

كلام عينيه

The 473.6K videos made with Sherine’s song are a testament to its captivating and powerful essence. While a majority of the videos are related to Palestine and express support for a ceasefire in Gaza, many of the TikToks under the sound celebrate a general pride in Middle Eastern heritage or showcase romantic edits of people’s home countries. Sherine, a renowned Egyptian singer, has several other popular songs on the app, such as “Sabry Aalil.” If you want to feel like you’re in a movie running through the desert with the love of your life, crank up the volume on your headphones and lose yourself to this mesmerizing song. 


“Mesytara” by Lamis Khan is a song that revolves around themes of female dominance and control. Sung from a woman’s perspective, the lyrics assert, “I will walk you like a ruler,” highlighting the female singer’s assertiveness and authority in her relationship. The song also delves into themes of jealousy and possessiveness; typically, TikToks made to this song play into the stereotype of high-maintenance Middle Eastern women with high expectations for their partners. The song embodies a confident, girl-boss energy, so if you want a confidence boost before a date or any other intimidating situation, give this song a listen and feel ready to take on the world.


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