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A ranking of the best places to get Lobster Rolls in Boston

By Amanda Healy

One of the most notable dishes that many seek out when visiting Boston is the lobster roll. Served warm or cold, with butter or mayo, on a grilled or non-grilled bun, the lobster roll is hard to resist. Below is a list of five great locations to get lobster rolls, weighing the factors of cost, taste, and quantity.

5. Cusser's Roast Beef and Seafood at Time Out Market

At first glance, roast beef and seafood seem like an interesting combination. As a relatively new food joint, Cusser's Roast Beef and Seafood at Time Out Market has only served roast beef sandwiches and lobster rolls since 2018.

Cusser's has cold and hot lobster rolls for $33.00. They are very tasty, however, costly and on the smaller side. Cusser's is a great option if you're in the area and looking to splurge. However, there are other places that are more affordable with larger serving sizes.

4. Pauli's

The North End doesn't just have delicious Italian food and bakeries, but also has wonderful seafood options. Pauli's is a small sandwich shop in the North End that sells lobster rolls for $26.99. The rolls themselves are on the smaller side, but they make up for it with large chunks of lobster. It is definitely worth trying this lobster roll if you are in the North End, but there are some tastier options out there.

3. Sullivan's at Castle Island

Established in 1951, Sullivan's has become a family-friendly hot spot in South Boston. This shack can be found on Castle Island—home to beautiful views, beach areas, and Fort Independence. At Sullivan's, you can get lobster with mayo on a toasted roll for only $16.95, making this the most affordable roll on our list. With its generous price, portion sizes, and quality lobster, it's hard to resist making the trip to Castle Island. Extra tip: don't forget to order fries!

Sullivan's now has a location at Hub Hall in TD Garden. While they are still decent lobster rolls, they are smaller and not quite the same as the original.

2. Eventide Fenway

Located right next to Fenway Park, Eventide, an Oyster Bar Restaurant, serves delectable lobster rolls that are incredibly unique. For $21.00, you can get "The Eventide Brown Butter Lobster Roll." The special brown butter sauce adds a savory element to the unexpected, but extraordinary dish.

Out of all the restaurants on this list, no bun is compared to Eventides. The soft and sweetness of the bun create a melt-in-your-mouth moment that completely elevates the meal. The only downside is the small portion, but you can try their other amazing dishes such as "The Eventide Cheeseburger", and split with friends. If you are in the area or planning to catch a Red Sox game, you need to drop by and try this roll.

1. James Hook

In Downtown Boston, James Hook is a joint retail store and restaurant. Their menu includes delicacies, such as butter and mayo lobster and crab rolls, hotdogs, soups, and sides. If you could only pick one restaurant to get a lobster roll, it should be this one.

The traditional James Hook lobster roll goes for $27.99 and is worth every penny. Whereas the portion size at Eventide is relatively small, the lobster roll at James Hook will definitely leave you feeling as stuffed as the roll itself. The generous portion and high-quality lobster guarantees James Hook the number one spot on our lobster list.


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