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Boston Lights

A captivating light display at Franklin Park Zoo

By: Danielle Miller

A beautiful graphic of colorful swirls with the shadow of two people leaning against each other
Graphic By: Mia Overbo

The city of Boston is gearing up for a luminous transformation as the annual Boston Lights event returns to the Franklin Park Zoo. This highly-anticipated extravaganza promises to dazzle visitors of all ages by bringing an enchanting display of lights and impressive animal sculptures to life.

Located in the Roxbury neighborhood, the 72-acre urban zoo undergoes this yearly metamorphosis into an icy, mythical land until October 29th. The event runs from 6:30-10:30 p.m. each night, allowing ample opportunity for visitors to experience the entirety of the exhibition.

This year, Boston Lights features brand-new displays, including an ice-breathing dragon, colorful jellyfish, and a bamboo tunnel with adorable life-sized pandas. The traditional twinkling lights that bedeck the trees, pathways, and animal exhibits also return for the season.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Boston Lights, and it was an absolutely magical adventure. The attention to detail in the exhibits was remarkable, and the vibrant colors and intricate designs added to the festive atmosphere.

The zoo partnered with Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. to create these beautiful exhibits. The Franklin Park Zoo website explains, “Each and every lantern involves a labor of love (and skill!) to create. Artisans and skilled professionals work as a team to design full-scale displays, sew and glue colorful fabrics, hand-paint intricate details on each lantern, model and assemble steel frames for each lantern’s structure, install thousands of LED light bulbs, and more.”

Beyond the mesmerizing spectacles, Boston Lights also carries a message of wildlife conservation. The event aims to raise awareness about the role zoos play in endangered species preservation and how visitors can participate in biodiversity protection.

Boston Lights is ideal for families, couples, and friends. The event offers a unique opportunity to experience the zoo after dark and promotes a sense of community, joy, and conservation awareness. I highly recommend Boston Lights at Franklin Park Zoo as a must-visit for the start of the holiday season!


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