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Boston's Best Green Spaces

Some of the city’s best places to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery.

By Grace Hawkins

Photo by Maya Geiger

As college students, it is essential to go outside and enjoy nature. We spend so much time using electronics and stressing over academics that our mental health is often ignored. Time outdoors is both refreshing and rewarding. If you are in need of some recommendations, here are some of my favorite parks and gardens in Boston, whether for exercise, reading, or just relaxing.

Franklin and Blackstone Square - the South End

Located in the picturesque neighborhood of the South End, these two parks stand next to each other, separated by Washington Street. Surrounded by various stores and restaurants, this is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and simply have some time alone. I went here recently to take photos for a film class, and I couldn’t help but get distracted by the soothing sounds of the fountains and beautiful foliage. If you are looking for peace and quiet, Franklin and Blackstone is the perfect place.

Amory Park - Brookline

While Brookline is technically a neighboring town of Boston, still part of greater Boston, I am including Amory due to its close proximity to BU’s campus and many amenities. This sprawling park has a baseball field, tennis courts, and a walking trail with several benches along the pathways. There is also an open field that is perfect for sunbathing on a warm fall day. If you are a sports lover or just want to get active, I recommend Amory Park.

Columbus Waterfront Park - the North End

This may be the green space on this list with the best view, as Columbus Park positions itself right near the Long Wharf, giving a beautiful outlook of the Atlantic Ocean. While the name of the park has its negative connotations (with the Columbus statue being recently removed), it has many wonderful features, including a beautiful rose garden. Columbus Park may take the longest journey, as it resides on the edge of the city, but its views are certainly rewarding.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall - Back Bay

Running alongside Comm. Ave, this long stretch of park is my personal favorite for outdoor reading. Surrounded by the scenic brownstones of Back Bay, this is the ideal place to lose yourself in a story. Additionally, the distance of the park makes for a great walk, especially with the fall leaves starting to arrive. There are even various statues placed along the Mall with historical figures from Boston and elsewhere.


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