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Breakfast or Dinner? Have Both at these Boston Diners

By Liz Luongo

Photo by Pinterest

As a born and raised New Yorker, I pride myself on my diner insight. As a BU student, sometimes it’s hard to find a diner that does the trick but no need to fear we have found some for you in Boston!

The first diner that is a personal favorite is Veggie Galaxy located across the Charles in Cambridge. This diner is great for its extensive menu and its plentiful plant based options. Not only do they have diner staples like waffles and pancakes but they also have many lunch and dinner meals like a BLT or a Reuben with a vegetarian twist. Once you go, you must check out their yummy all vegan bakery.

South Street Diner is a popular option because of its round-the-clock service like a good old fashioned diner. This is the only diner that is open 24/7 in the entirety of Boston, making it a popular destination. This diner has classic options like burgers, breakfast food and of course shakes. Located in the heart of downtown Boston, this stop is perfect for a late night (or an early morning), especially after a night out. It has been featured on The Esquire as the The Best Late Night food in the US.

Victoria’s Diner has been open since 1949 and is one of the most iconic diners in all of Boston. Vic's is located in the intersection of popular Boston neighborhoods, Dorchester, South Boston, Roxbury, and the South End making it a popular hubspot. This diner has the classic breakfast food such as eggs benedict and customized omelets or their iconic dessert dishes such as their famous 7 Layer Chocolate or Carrot cake or their shakes! Unlike other diners, this restaurant has a full bar if you want drinks with your burger.

Busy Bee Restaurant & Diner is the destination for early birds. This family owned Greek restaurant located in Brookline is the spot for huge portions such as the face-sized blueberry pancakes or the fried eggs that come served on the skillet. Staff has worked at the restaurant for decades emphasizing the vintage and loyal patronage of this bustling diner.

While your average Boston diners are not like the famous Massachusetts chain, “Tatte,” diners hold a magical place for all because of their extensive menu, reasonable prices, and typical long hours, making it feasible for any type of diner (get it.)


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