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Some of the Best Instagram Accounts Making Jokes about BU and Campus Life

By Grace Hawkins

A trend in recent years has been comedic Instagram accounts making jokes about a certain topic or lifestyle. This school year, some accounts have been created on our campus, combining BU jokes with pop culture moments. Here are some of the funniest and most clever Instagram accounts with some BU flair:

This account is for all students who are fans of One Direction and love to joke about the band. By photoshopping the members into classic campus spots, followers can get a good laugh. Some posts include the boys walking down Commonwealth Avenue, sitting at Pavement Coffeehouse, and standing outside the GSU or Questrom. They even make posts about the band trying to complete BU Hub requirements, or buying Ben and Jerry's at City Co. This account is a great follow for those who love One Direction, or just like to joke about BU culture.

Another musician-inspired account is for all the Taylor Swift fans at BU. In a similar vein to the previous account, this one puts Swift in various funny scenarios around BU’s campus, such as Beanpot, Warren Towers, and others. Any fans of Swift should definitely follow this account.

BU students often poke fun at Warren Towers, the largest dorm on campus. This account is no exception, as it makes jokes blaming various problems on Warren Towers. Some include “Warren Towers made you bomb ur midterm” and “Mark Zuckerburg is Warren Towers”. This account is an essential follow for all students living in Warren Towers, and even those who do not.

There has been a trend at universities across the U.S. to make accounts exposing those who drink milk at the dining halls, and it has spread to BU. This account is for those who want to expose some of their friends, and they can do so by submitting a photo of someone drinking milk in one of BU’s dining halls.

Another trend on Instagram in recent months are affirmation accounts, and BU has one as well. Some funny posts include “The Marciano soft serve will cure my problems,” “I look good in my BUID photo” and, “I will not be hit by the BUS''. By relating to BU problems, this account fosters a great sense of community amongst its followers.

If anyone is looking for accounts to follow to get some good jokes about BU and student life, the options mentioned above are a great place to start.


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