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Comfort Foods to Ease Exam Stress

When exam season is near, stress levels can be difficult to manage. A good and hearty meal is often the best remedy to ease stress during finals. Here are a few meals that have brightened my day after cramming for many hours in the library or sitting through a long lecture.

By Ava Memarzadeh 

Photo By Amanda Hess

Halal Shack

Located right in the GSU, Halal Shack is a conveniently located restaurant that never fails to comfort me with a warm and delicious meal. The Halal Shack serves food that combines Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors that is inspired by New York City street food. After a long study session in Mugar Library, I recommend Halal Shack’s rice bowl with halal chicken, toppings of your choice, and hot white sauce. The savory Middle Eastern spices make for a wonderful-tasting meal that mimics the comfort of home-cooked meals. I definitely recommend trying this meal out next time you are in the GSU and in need of a “homey” meal!

Seoul Toppoki

Seoul Toppoki is a family-style Korean restaurant in Allston that can cure you of stress. It is a casual restaurant that guarantees a delicious, cheap meal if you are in need of a study break. Out of all the options on the menu, the Bulgogi Kimbap, Rapokki, and Bibimbap are my personal favorites. The restaurant gives the essence of family, home-cooked meals and always satisfies my craving without fail. Besides the location being close to campus, it is also in close proximity to dessert shops such as Gong Cha, which can further cheer someone up from the stress of exams.

Saxbys Breakfast Burrito 

The Saxbys breakfast burrito is my favorite comfort meal after studying at CDS. I particularly like the burrito with habanero steak, as it adds more spice and savory flavors. Melted cheese paired with potatoes makes for the ultimate comfort food, and I am always left comforted after this meal. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress as finals week approaches, don’t forget to try these meals out to ease your nerves!


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