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Delete Your Social Media (Yes, For Real)

You see and hear this message everywhere for a reason… 

By Lauren Jordanich

Photo By Mia Anderson

I know you’ve heard it before – whether it be from your mom or the self-help account you follow on Instagram – delete your social media to better your mental health, procrastination habits, self-esteem, and so on.  

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it, but it really does need to be said. I’m not suggesting you delete every social media account you have forever; all I’m saying is that everybody needs a social media break at some point(s) in their lives.

Last year, I took a semester off from college due to a rough mental health period. I was at home with my parents in Indiana, working at a coffee shop and going to therapy upwards of twice a week. I felt like shit; everyone else seemed to be out living their best college lives, while I was stuck in a time warp of anxiety and depression that I couldn’t seem to escape.

During this period, I decided to delete every form of social media I had, and it was the best decision I could have made. I couldn’t handle seeing other people doing the things I so badly wished I could be doing, and by deleting Snapchat, TikTok, etc., I didn’t have to. 

Everyone goes through difficult periods in life, and I’ve found that being active on social media has made almost all the tough times I’ve had even tougher. It’s both difficult and unnecessary to be exposed to the glorified highlight reels of social media when you’re feeling low. 

So, whatever you may be going through, whether now or in the future, try a social media cleanse. Start with a few days, maybe a week, and I can almost guarantee you will feel better. I know it can be a tricky thing to do – FOMO is so real – but the pros outweigh the cons. Take the leap and delete your social media (yes, for real).


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