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Review of Emotional Oranges live at Royale

By Anh Nguyen

“Are you emotional yet?” The performers would occasionally turn to ask the crowd, whenever they needed to catch their breath after consecutive songs.

The crowd was laidback, stylish, and vibrant. A reflection of the performers they all came to see.

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, Emotional Oranges performed at Royale in Boston, as part of their ‘The Sad Fruit Tour’.

Biig Piig, an Irish R&B / Soul singer, opened up for the duo with her honey-like voice. The accompanying saxophone highlighted the smooth quality of her music. She radiated an energy that is the most casual, putting the audience at ease.

​​After leaving the stage, Biig Piig was brought out again about a quarter of the way through Emotional Oranges’ act to perform a song she was featured on: ‘Body & Soul’. The performance was a harmonious and sweet union.

Emotional Oranges consists of two main performers – A, the male vocalist, and V, the female vocalist. Having managed to keep their identities secret throughout most of their career, they built their popularity solely from the allure of their music.

However, they do not shy away from engaging with their fans. This can be seen through the way they interact with fans on social media, or just through the way they make conversations with the audience while on stage.

Their rise to popularity can be seen through their latest album, released earlier this year in June, The Juicebox, which features the likes of Vince Staples, Becky G, Channel Tres, and Biig Piig. The short and well-packed album is a testament of their dedication to the craft of song-making and connection to the song-makers they collaborate with. The collaborations show the many voices of contemporary R&B / Soul and give us a sense of where the genre is heading.

Their music explores seduction and romance with tantalizing vocals and addictive beats. The electronic-infused R&B sounds could be perfectly described as “the sound of summer.” The concert seemed to re-create that beautiful feeling of summer bliss.

The set design consisted of a semi-circle shaped screen. The graphics displayed were well-made and didn’t distract from the performers but set the tone with its warm colors.

The crowd was intimate. Anywhere in the room, one would be able to get a good view and sonic experience.

The experience felt like one of those rare moments where you didn’t have to think much and were just easily put in a pleasant mood. With the crowd swaying and nodding their heads to the music, it was clear the room was overtaken with euphoria.


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