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Exploring Boston’s Best Neighborhoods

Spotlighting two of the city’s finest neighborhoods

By: Simone Kramer

Photo of a street in Boston during the fall
Photo By: Romi Fernandez

Going to school in the eclectic and versatile city that Boston is, there are infinite opportunities for exploration. This past year, I have ventured into numerous neighborhoods, each with its own charm and character. Yet, there is still so much left to discover. In this article, I’ll dive into my favorite neighborhood and another I look forward to exploring.

Beacon Hill

As my friends often describe it to their out-of-town visitors, Beacon Hill is quintessentially Boston. Photographs representing Boston often show the neighborhood’s cobblestone streets and Colonial architecture. Architectural Digest has named Acorn Street one of the “53 Most Beautiful Streets Around the World.” This neighborhood is also perfect for food and shopping.

Charles Street stands as the “main street” of the neighborhood. My favorite shop on the strip is the Nuts Factory, located on the corner of Mt. Vernon Street and Charles Street. Walking around the shop is a delight to the senses; it smells of toasted nuts and Mediterranean essence. Upon arrival, samples of tea, cookies, and nuts are offered. Better yet, the kind employees will allow you to sample anything upon asking. My favorites include the lotus-coated cashews and dried strawberries. 

Another Charles Street favorite is East Coast Ivy Boutique. Located not even a block away from the Nuts Factory, it’s hard not to stop in to take a peek at the fresh designs. Founded by Greta Belsole in 2020, the boutique spent a year online before opening its brick-and-mortar location. While it can be pricey on a college student’s budget, I love going in for closet inspiration.


The South End

The Boston social community raves about the South End, yet I have not had the chance to visit. It boasts some of the best cuisine in the city and has unique events.

The Shawmut-located Aquitaine has been on my list since last spring. It is a French Bistro known for its wine selection and delicacies. The interior mixes traditional French decor with a modern flare. Exciting menu items include the Yellowfin Tuna Tartare and Moules Frites. 

I would also love to explore the SoWa Winter Market, more appropriately timed with the holiday season. SoWa’s festival houses more than 100 small businesses and food vendors under the roof of the renovated power station. I plan on visiting sometime during December to truly experience the Holiday cheer. 

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