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Feeling Stuck? Go for a Walk

How to quickly transform your energy from feeling stuck to more aligned. 

By: Richa Jindal

Guy walking through a group of pigeons
Photo By: Ria Huang

Do you ever feel that weird, “in-between” feeling of wanting to do something but also not wanting to do it, or just not having any motivation to? Do you ever feel that pinching frustration caused by this conflict where you are your motivator yet also your biggest obstacle? Do you ever just feel stuck? 

Most of us have felt this at some point in our lives. I know I have. So, what is the solution? The first step to resolving a feeling is to accept it. Becoming aware of the feeling, noticing how it takes up space in your body, and accepting its presence is essential. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling?” and “Where do I feel it?” Then, proceed to observe it from a place of detachment. Make a distinction between you and your feeling. It’s a part of you – as is any other emotion – but it is not you

While awareness is the first step, take the next one physically – go for a walk. Walking is one of the best ways to physically release stuck energy. It is common knowledge that exercise helps improve moods and release energy, and walking is a great way to use movement to feel better. This kind of movement utilizes energy from your whole body and releases endorphins, which relax your muscles and ease tension. When you walk, your body is harmonized in its rhythm and speed and can help you align with your inner energy. 

Furthermore, if you’re walking outdoors, using your awareness from the first step can help you engage with and observe your surroundings. This can help you disengage from negative thoughts while quietly engaging in neutral ones. Luckily, Boston has great places to practice this – Amory Park, Boston Commons, the Esplanade, Newbury Street, or even the random patches of greenery around the city. Use your walking-friendly surroundings to immerse yourself in a new, neutral energy source. I personally believe in walking because it is a fast and simple solution that has bits of magic in it. 

Regarding using movement to release energy, practices like yoga are extremely helpful, too. It doesn’t have to be long or intense; even just five minutes of practicing a movement with intention can be enough to make you feel better. Do what is best for you! 

Besides moving, a great way to release stuck energy is to brain-dump onto paper. By writing our thoughts down, the weight they carry and their negative energy can immediately be translated onto paper. I would also recommend going an extra step further and burning the paper (safely) once you’re done pouring your heart out. By doing this, your energy is transformed into thermal energy. Remember, energy can never be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed. 

It’s okay to feel stuck; we all do sometimes. So, accept it, embrace it, love it, and fix it. You have the power and ability to resolve it within minutes. 


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