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Home Fitness with a Twist of Positivity

by Amelia Murray-Cooper

Breathe Well Fitness is a Boston-based company that offers stylish, versatile, thoughtfully designed workout gear and creates a positive environmental impact. According to their website, the company was recently created amid the coronavirus pandemic. Their initial goal was to help customers combat the struggles of lockdown by supporting a healthy home environment.

Since social distancing restrictions and mask mandates have complicated traditional gyms, working out at home is a safe and responsible alternative. With a wide range of high quality products and a refreshingly positive social impact, this company is worth checking out for anyone interested in home fitness!

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

The company promotes sustainability by using eco-friendly materials for all their products and shipping all orders directly from the manufacturer to the customer’s doorstep. This means that fewer harmful pollutants are released into the atmosphere during the shipping process.

Additionally, the company directly combats deforestation by partnering with the non-profit “One Tree Planted.” Each time a product is purchased from Breathe Well’s site, a tree is planted through this partnership. The non-profit was started in 2014, and since then, they have worked with reforestation partners in North America, South America, Asia and Africa who help them restore forests, build communities and support biodiversity.

Strike a (Yoga) Pose

The Buzz’s Wellness Editor recently had an opportunity to try out a few products from Breathe Well Fitness, including their Refined Cork Yoga Mat and Luxury Etched Yoga Mat. These mats are both highly rated on the company’s website, and they truly deserve the praise they have received.

The Refined Cork Yoga Mat comes in variety of design options that evoke peaceful, spiritual imagery, including chakras, mandala patterns, floral prints and animal illustrations etched into a cork background. Like all of their products, this mat is made with eco-friendly, ethically sourced materials.

While it is labeled as a yoga mat, it provides sturdy padding that would be effective for a range of workout routines, from Pilates to weight training. As users sweat on the mat, the cork allows for an even stronger grip. Cork is also naturally antimicrobial, so there are no lingering smells after each workout. The mat can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and it can be easily rolled up and stored compactly, making it perfect for small college dorms and apartments.

The Luxury Etched Yoga Mat is offered in a selection of vibrant colors and is made from TPE, one of the most environmentally friendly materials a yoga mat could be made from, according to Breathe Well’s website. This mat is also versatile and can be used for any body weight activity, plus it’s gentle on the skin and will not cause irritation. This mat is crafted with two layers, providing ultimate support and ensuring a durable, tear-resistant surface. The surface also contains anti-slip particle technology, so even during complex yoga poses, the mat will not budge.

Both mats also display user-friendly markings, which help customers carry out exercises and yoga poses with ease. A carrying bag and drawstring are also included with every mat, which allows for efficient storage and transportation.

Hydration is Key

Breathe Well also offers reusable water bottles and protein shakers to keep customers hydrated in style throughout their workouts. The Buzz Wellness Editor had the pleasure of testing out the Vacuum Insulated Protein Shaker and the Floral Stainless Water Bottle. The company also sells a Sleek Square Water Bottle and a Classic Stainless Water Bottle. Ditch single use plastics and give these bottles a try!

The protein shaker has a sleek, matte body that can be purchased in a variety of colors. With a double walled, vacuum sealed design, this container will surely maintain the temperature of its contents. The shaker features a twist-on cap and leak-proof ring, creating a secure, easy on-the-go drinking service. It also has a silicone grip that makes it comfortable to carry, and it includes a silicone protein shaker ball to help mix protein shakes and smoothies.

The floral water bottle also comes in an impressive range of aesthetically pleasing prints and colors, including soft pinks, delicate creams and bold reds. This bottle is also vacuum insulated and will conserve any liquid’s temperature. It holds 500 milliliters of liquid and is manufactured with shock-proof, toxin-free and BPA-free materials.

Beyond these yoga mats and bottles, Breathe Well Fitness also offers massage tools and strength training sets. Boston University students interested in home fitness should consider supporting this lovely local business, which also creates a positive environmental and social impact.

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