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Go On Better Dates

A guide to doing more on date night than just dinner and drinks.

By Hollie Shuler

Photo by The Buzz Social Media Team

Going on dates is supposed to be fun, and while I am sure we all enjoy the occasional ritual of going out for a nice dinner and some fun cocktails, there are better, more unique date ideas out there!

Get Creative

If you want to be able to release your creative side on your date, The Clayroom in Brookline is a great option. You and your date can spend time together chatting, painting, and maybe even learning how to throw pottery if you are feeling extra adventurous. Likewise, if the date goes well, you can use the excuse of picking up the completed clay pieces to see each other again a few days later!

Markets also serve as a great way to get to know your date better! See what they are drawn to and what they find interesting. The SoWa Vintage Market is open every Sunday from 11-4pm and the first Friday of every month from 5-9pm. They offer an array of curated selections that are great to browse through.

Be Sporty

If you’re looking for a date with a little bit more of a competitive edge, there are tons of bars around Boston that have an indoor putt putt course and bar games for you and your date to play together. Most of them are located in the Seaport neighborhood, which gives you and your date the opportunity to go on a romantic walk along Boston’s harbor once you are ready to leave.

Boston is no stranger to athletic events, and offers many options for games with leading sports teams. So if you and your date are open to spending some more time together, why not go catch the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, or Patriots at a game?

Go Outside

Maybe you are still looking to get a meal together but don’t want something as formal as dinner and drinks. In warmer weather, a picnic is the perfect solution to this. You and your date are still able to experience quality time through sharing a meal together, but without the added stress of reservations, crowded rooms, and awkwardly debates on who takes the bill.

Additionally, Boston offers tons of great outdoor festivals and markets in the warmer months that are great places to explore on a date. The multitudes of farmers’ markets and pop-up flea markets exist from Brighton to both the North and South Ends of the city, so make sure to keep an eye out for all of those when planning your next date.

Overall, there are tons of ways to change up your dating routine and go on better dates, you just have to try them out!


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