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Good Karma, My Aesthetic

The secret to manifesting your dream life 

By Chloe Saint Mard  

From having to post a TikTok to a sound that promises you seven days of good luck to religiously practicing the 3-6-9 method, my blood boils watching how social media has turned manifesting into such a tedious practice. After trying numerous techniques and sleeping countless nights with subliminal audios blasting in my ears, I can confidently claim that your brain is powerful enough to just think about what you want (or not) and manifest it in the future. But beware, I’m not one of those “delulu girls” who thinks she will wake up in a NYC penthouse one fateful morning. The real secret to manifestation is meeting the universe halfway, and I’m going to teach you exactly how to do that. 

Although my life is far from perfect, I sleep well at night knowing that I have accomplished everything I thought I would at this age, no matter how small the feat. In fact, I’ve always been clear about what I wanted, and even in moments of doubt, I’ve tried to manifest baby steps that would lead me to a life that was meant for me. So, after many dreams, much hard work, and some manifestations, here I am, writing this article to motivate you to do the same.  

There is no need for you to have your life all figured out. You can wish for anything, from landing the internship of your dreams to getting a seat on the bus tomorrow morning. The key is to be specific about how it would look and especially how it would feel. This clarity is important to avoid working against your own intentions. Keep in mind that not only good things can be manifested – I have learned this the hard way. It is important to reflect on why you want something and how you want it to come to fruition. I find it extra helpful to have a routine, like starting my day by writing one affirmation, three manifestations, and one thing I am grateful for. 

The next step is to stop obsessing over the results, but don’t expect them to come out of thin air. Take steps every day to work toward your goals, but don’t stress yourself out about it. Your only job is to do your best and take some risks. If you want it, you already have it in the future, so why not act like it? Get out of bed every day as if you already have everything you want, while still being grateful and appreciative of what you already have. Be like Barbie and assume you will have a great day every day. 

Embrace your own Oscar-winning actor persona and become the main character in the movie of your dream life. What would the soundtrack be like? Make a playlist and listen to it on your way to class. Where would you live? Your dorm can emanate the same vibe of your dream destination if you really put your mind to it.

Perhaps this was not life-changing advice, but my point here is to convince you to trust the process and stop worrying so much about everything. If you apply these simple tips, I can promise you that the universe will support you.  

So let’s get started and repeat after me: “Everything I desire desires me even more.”


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