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As March nears, the one-year mark of COVID-19 approaches. Students have flashbacks of going home for spring break and getting an email telling them not to return for the rest of the school year. Quarantine remnants still consume our brains with Tik Tok dances and take-out.

Students are getting squirmy to say the least. There’s a vaccine out there, and we could be months away from getting it. So how do we hold on just a little longer?

Many feel they have already sacrificed so much: their college experience, love life, or simply put, their life. So why can’t they just give up?

Indeed, we’ve all been put through the wringer in the past year, but think about how far we have come. In reality, what is just a few extra months of being careful? Ultimately, we want things to become normal, and the only way to do that is to just hold on. Hold on a little longer and we will find our way back to our old lives.

When you start to think about giving up, remember how hard our country has worked the past year to stay safe. I know it’s challenging when you see people at a Florida school partying and not having a care in the world about COVID-19. But ask yourself, can I wait just a few more months to do that? Do I need to do it now?

Compare it to a baseball game that is going into its 13th inning. Neither team is going to give up because they already made it so far and have worked tirelessly. Why erase all of the playing they did in the previous innings when there is still a chance they could win? We are so close to the finish line. Vaccinations are getting distributed daily and cities are opening up slowly.

Life won’t go back to normal tomorrow, or even next week. But if we all work together and don’t give up on precautions, it’ll go back to normal eventually, which is all we can ask for.

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