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How To Dress When You're on a Budget

By Manuela Garcia

Photo by Manuela Garcia

I think all fashion addicts can agree that dressing on a budget can be a struggle; going on a walk to Newbury with your friends, seeing all these beautiful clothes displayed, entering a store ‘just to take a peek,’ forcing yourself to leave since you don't trust yourself while surrounded by beautiful clothes and no money to buy them with!

Even though that feeling is inevitable, it is possible to stay on top of your style without spending too much. Here are some ideas:

The most basic but essential one is thrifting. I will repeat it as many times as necessary; thrifting is key. You can find gems for such low prices. Though you will need to commit to digging deep to find maybe just one or two pieces, the satisfaction makes it worth it.

Some great and inexpensive thrift stores in Boston are: Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, Blessing Barn Beacon Hill, Thrifty Threads, The Garment District or Great Eastern Trading Co.

Next one is trying to own an excellent essentials/basics collection. I know it feels tempting to buy all these clothes with vibrant colors and cool patterns, but to be honest, those are the hardest to style and the ones that need more specific pairings. Therefore, having several timeless basics such as, neutral colored long sleeve tops, a pair of simple white/black/blue jeans, and some good old sneakers that match everything, will make building outfits much easier and give you more options.

With this being said, owning some statement pieces is recommended. This way, you can elevate your outfit and make it stand out. Make sure to have a few that you can easily combine with your base pieces and style in many different ways.

I know, I know, scrolling through Pinterest and seeing all these new trends is so tempting. Trust me, I would also LOVE to join every single one of them, but sometimes you have to choose if it's worth 100$ for a pair of shoes that you might get tired of in two months. So before jumping on a new trend and spending half of your budget, here are some questions you can ask yourself: Does this trend fit my style? Can I use these clothes in a different context? Can I style this item in many different ways? Will I feel comfortable wearing this?

Finally, don't limit your style to your own clothes! Reach out to family, friends, and roommates and ask them to borrow some clothes! Although, remember to always give them back. I love asking my roommate to go through her closet, and occasionally I find something I would never buy for myself, but it certainly feels good to wear on a random day! I mean, isn't this the reason why we have friends after all! Okey maybe not, but they can definitely help us out exploring different styles.

I hope these helped you have a better sense of keeping up with your style without having to worry too much about the money. But most importantly, remember to go through your closet and give an opportunity to the clothes you have before buying some more!

Why not take on a challenge: take something from your closet that you haven't touched in a year, style it into an outfit you love, and post it with the hashtag #buzzfashionchallenge to be featured on our social media!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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