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A year ago, very few of us knew what Zoom was. Look at us now. We’ve been spending an unprecedented amount of time on the platform, but video conferencing is still relatively new for many of us. Therefore, it’s understandable that we haven’t quite mastered looking our best online. Below, we’ve gathered some tried-and-tested tricks to ensure that you’re putting your best face forward in that meeting.


Lighting can make or break how you look on Zoom. While your assumption might be that low lighting hides imperfections, being well-lit clarifies your appearance and makes you look more professional. Placing any bright desk lamp behind your computer will do the trick. This one from Target is only $7.

Camera Placement

The best place to have your camera is at eye level. If you’re using a laptop with a standard desk, you’ll want to stack some books under your computer to reach the desired angle. Eye level is the most flattering; your face can become distorted if the camera is below or above that level. Additionally, you don’t want to be too close or too far away from the camera. Find a middle ground where you can see your shoulders but not your whole torso.


This element is not always within your control, as you may find yourself in a dorm or common space. A plain background, like a wall, is the most desirable option, as there are no distractions from your face. Many teachers and bosses are lenient about backgrounds, but if not, you can always upload an appropriate background into Zoom.

Our parting advice is to treat online meetings like you would any in-person event—get ready, style your hair, and put on an outfit so that you look and feel put together. We hope these tips won’t be relevant for too much longer, but as long as they are, happy Zooming!


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