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In Shay Mitchell We Trust:

The Weekender Bag review.

By Hailey Pitcher

Graphic by Madison Mercardo

Whether you’re a frequent jetsetter or a regular on Amtrak, a trusty carry-on bag is an essential for students who’re on the go. With the holiday break just within reach, now is the perfect time to search for a gift for either yourself, or your family and friends, as you make your merry way home. But don’t let the search take too much of a chunk out of your study time! Actress Shay Mitchell already has you covered with her Béis Weekender Bag.

The Weekender Bag was the first product released by Shay Mitchell’s travel accessory brand, Béis. The brand was founded by Shay Mitchell in 2018 with the promise of a functional and classic looking bag without breaking the bank. Since the brand’s launch, it’s branched out from carry-on bags, to hardcase luggage sets, and then to wallets and even gym bags.

On their website, they brand their flagship product as the “perfect travel bag,” and simply they couldn’t have been more spot on.

This bag has an incredibly simple design with a luxury feel, and it’s compliant with a majority of airlines’ carry-on measurement requirements. The bag is durable and sturdy, and at $98, it’s worth the money, especially when you think of how many old high school backpacks essentially decayed as you went through security at the airport.

The Weekender bag has a large main compartment for clothes and a bottom compartment for shoes and toiletry bags. It zips open and closed and closes and opens with ease; never have I had to drag a jammed zipper, even when my bag was overflowing. The interior of the larger compartment includes a small zipped compartment and a laptop sleeve. These organizational pockets are great for helping you keeping track of your passport, boarding pass, wallet, and other small, but important, items you need for travel.

The bag has two handles for hand-held carrying, as well as a strap for shoulder and crossbody carrying. It’s relatively easy to carry, even if you haven’t learned all the travel pack hacks in the world. Additionally, it includes a trolley sleeve to attach to roller suitcases.

The Weekender bag is perfect for a weekend getaway if you’re looking to just bring one bag. The bag can fit about five to six outfits. For abroad trips, it definitely cuts down the weight of checked bags by a significant amount, and it’s perfect for students studying abroad who can’t fit everything from home into two suitcases.

All in all, the Weekender bag is a great purchase for people who need the space of two bags in one. So, to conclude, in Shay Mitchell we trust!

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