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Is 2024 the New 2014? Wellness Lessons from the California Tumblr Era

A nostalgic guide to building your own fresh and healthy lifestyle  

By Chloe Saint Mard 

Graphic By Ellie McCarron

Last week, while sitting at my favorite açai place after a hot pilates class, I had an out-of-body experience. As I sipped on my pink pitaya smoothie and enjoyed a few rays of sunshine by the window, the song “Shower” by Becky G began to play on the speakers. Had I been transported to Melrose Avenue in 2014? I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for a time when life was a little less complicated.

As the concept of wellness has been overshadowed by a plethora of “quick fix” trends and the constant quest to become a “wellness god,” it is important to keep things simple and not get caught up in the latest fads. Instead of wondering whether to get ozempics or a LED face mask, it may be time to hit the reset button and re-enter the simplicity of the California Tumblr Era.

Active Living

In 2014, enjoying the outdoors wasn’t a trend; it was a way of life. Today, this idea remains relevant as more people begin to remember the importance of staying active for their overall well-being. The California ethos of unplanned adventures and spontaneous activities finds a familiar echo in the numerous hiking trails and outdoor fitness classes available today. 

The idea isn’t to create complex workout routines, but to enjoy mindful movement and fresh air. Once veneered in the Cali Tumblr era, pilates and yoga have experienced a true revival in the past two years. These practices promote flexibility, strength, and mental clarity and are now timeless components of a holistic wellness routine. So, as the weather becomes warmer, put on your best pink pilates outfit and take your downward dog to the nearest park. 

Wholesome Nutrition

The rise in popularity of organic, plant-based diets in the 2010s was not just a general endorsement of clean eating; it was a celebration of a simple diet of whole, unprocessed foods. Today, the toxic cycle of trendy diets has made healthy eating seem complicated (even impossible), but nutritional eating shouldn’t be so confusing. 

Food should be as enjoyable as it is nourishing. If you don’t like green juices, don’t drink them! Forcing yourself to eat bland meals will lead to excessive cravings and, worst of all, an unsatisfying life. Instead of eating foods you don’t like, get creative with more nutritious versions of your favorite foods. My personal favorites are açai, poke bowls, green smoothies, avocado toast, and pickled vegetables (for the Erewhon vibe). We can also focus on incorporating plant-based proteins, like lentils and edamame, and eating locally sourced produce to incorporate specific and tangible simplicity into our diets. 

Healthy eating is not just about what you eat, but also how. Use mealtimes as a form of meditation to take a break from your busy life and enjoy your food mindfully as well.


In this era, individuals have found beauty in simplicity, opting for minimalist approaches to fashion, beauty routines, and overall lifestyle choices. 

Whether through effortless beachy waves or spontaneous adventures, the Cali Girl lifestyle encouraged individuals to savor the unpredictability of life and embrace the beauty of nature, from shimmering beaches to sun-kissed landscapes. 

While routines are inevitable, building flexibility into your schedule makes room for unexpected opportunities and intentional activities. Set a goal to collect new experiences. Take time for pursuits that truly excite you. Follow your interests without rigid expectations. Let go of expectations and follow your intuition (from experience, if you feel a warm tingle in your chest when you think about doing something, it is meant for you).

Although dwelling on the past is never a good idea, I think taking inspiration from the trends and lifestyles of different eras can help us romanticize and spice up our everyday lives. So hop on your penny board and let this year be a carefree and healing ride!


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