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JusCollege: A Company Capitalizing on Spring Break

The creation of a college-age-based events company and the millions they have accumulated

By: Cameron Heffernan 

A white towel on sand, with a hat, a book, and other things scattered on it
Graphic By: Sarah Tocci

When you think of a college student’s Spring Break, your mind typically creates an image of young kids on a beach, drinks in hand, surrounded by like-minded partying individuals. Realistically, most college students can't afford a five-day vacation at full price. Thus, discounted college spring break trips were created, but not all students are privileged enough to book a trip even with lower prices. 

The JusCollege Punta Cana Spring Break 2024 trip is one opportunity circulating Boston University this year. This company partners with hotels in a destination of their choosing, typically a tropical location, and hosts massive parties for underage American college students to party and drink in a legal setting. 

The history behind this company is fascinating. After graduating from college, young Bo Thede created an events start-up called JusCollege, selling it later for $25 million. It is a word-of-mouth platform that helps college students plan their Spring Breaks. Their business model is to recruit influencers from the target age demographic to promote the trip to fans and sell tickets. Groups of 10-20 students from universities across the United States will sign up for the spring break trips with different destinations and packages, but all with the guarantee of a massive party.

This year, thousands of students from across the country, including a handful from BU, will be flocking to Punta Cana with no regard for responsibility, good behavior, or consequences. It’s Spring Break! Who wouldn't say yes when given the opportunity to go on a discounted bender with people their age? However, there's a complicated level of ethics behind this concept. College students are going to party and drink on Spring Break; that's a given, so why not capitalize on it, send them to a foreign country, and let them wreak havoc for a discount while JusCollege can accumulate millions in sales

Whether your concern is about underage students legally drinking in a foreign country or the fact they believe rules don't apply to them outside of the United States, these students take advantage of their host country to the fullest extent and leave their good intentions back home.  


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