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Leopard Print is Back and Has Certainly Redeemed Itself

As we’ve gone from avoiding the “cringe” leopard print skinny jeans in our closets to suddenly styling leopard print slip dresses and jackets, leopard print has quickly made its street style comeback.

By Rachel Yu 

Photo By James Roberts

With the rise of the flashy mob-wife aesthetic, leopard print has finally resurfaced in street style and even haute couture. 

From oversized leopard print fur coats to the iconic Wales Bonner x Adidas Sambas release, leopard print is gradually entering its stylistic resurgence. As leopard print adapts to modern trends, it certainly is no longer the tacky pattern it once was. 

Despite it being such a loud and bold pattern, leopard print is so versatile that it has transformed into a closet staple for many. Furthermore, there are many different ways to style leopard print, especially as it aligns well with both the maximalist and minimalist aesthetics. As people are styling leopard print jeans, the pattern has ultimately been revamped to pair nicely with any outfit. 

In light of current trends, many brands have incorporated leopard print into their recent releases. For example, many popular brands, like Urban Outfitters, Intimissimi, and Zara, have released new leopard print pieces, including silk tank tops and tube tops. In addition, people have paired basic and muted tops, like baby tees and waffle knit long-sleeves, with leopard print jeans from brands like GANNI and Jaded London. 

Leopard-print clothing and accessories can also be found by sifting through the racks at many vintage stores, thrift stores, and flea markets. They are also widely accessible from online resale platforms like Depop and Poshmark. 

Leopard print has also been designed on many accessories, from sneakers to bags. In collaboration with Adidas, Wales Bonner released and designed a new line of the iconic Adidas Sambas, with the most popular being the shoe’s leopard print version. Additionally, many people have started to style leopard print purses and wallets from brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Jacquemus. 

Many people have also been incorporating leopard print as eye-catching accents to their outfits. Furthermore, people have been accessorizing leopard-printed phone cases from Wildflower Cases and belts from brands like Sézane and J. Crew. In addition, many people have also gotten leopard-print patterns on their nails. 

Several haute couture brands have also implemented leopard print designs into their latest Fall/Winter collections, ultimately expressing the pattern’s general versatility. Leopard print can be dressed up or down, and thus, it aligns nicely with most stylistic approaches to constructing outfits. 

For instance, during Milan Fashion Week, Donatella Versace released her collection consisting of leopard print button-up shirts and dresses meshing in with the signature Versace Barocco design. 

In addition, during Paris Fashion Week, the Isabel Marant show implemented a consistent leopard print theme, with the pattern laying on jackets and maxi dresses and looks with leopard print accents on tights and scarves.  

With its widespread return in street style and on the runway, leopard print has certainly progressed from the tacky pattern it used to be regarded as in past years. 

Whether you want to achieve the mob-wife aesthetic through styling an oversized leopard print fur coat, or you prefer a more muted and elevated look through leopard-printed accessories, I hope that these stylistic references will help you decide how you want to incorporate leopard print into your wardrobe. 


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