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Menswear Through the Ages

By Anna Giblin

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Women’s fashion has been taking inspiration from men’s fashion for decades. In the 17th century, women would wear men’s trousers and darker colors to signify that they were tough. Jo March from Little Women is an example of this. In the mid-1900s, as fashion evolved, women began to wear trousers more as a source of comfort and to gain respect from men.

Julia Roberts in the mid-1990s is a perfect example of true menswear becoming a staple style for women. The 90’s minimalist aesthetic saw lots of trousers and oversized blazers.

Today, we are seeing the return of the oversized menswear aesthetic. Slouchy, puddle-like trousers are being worn to create a put-together, yet stylized look that works for all body types. The trick to a good menswear oversized outfit is to pair modern pieces with vintage pieces. I love to pair an oversized vintage blazer with a modern dress, or with vintage jeans and modern boots.

The 2020 menswear aesthetic is a far cry from the professional aesthetic that took over the mid-2010s. Where in 2011, fitted blazers and pencil skits were popular, today we are seeing oversized blazers and maxi skirts.

Even men’s fashion is embracing this new aesthetic which combines oversized pieces and simple basics for a disheveled-put-together look. Instagram is filled with baggy trousers paired with belts and white tank tops.

More and more, we’re seeing contemporary fashion take inspiration from old-fashioned menswear. The modern accessorizing that men are pairing with their outfits, such as jewelry and loafers, only further blends the menswear aesthetic between genders and styles.


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