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Romance Novels: The Bane of My Love Life

As a long-time reader of romance novels, I’ve acquired high standards, but I don’t think I can ever stop reading these books — actually, I can, but I won’t. 

By Gabriella Di Dea 

Photo By James Roberts

As a wide-eyed 15-year-old, I rediscovered my love for reading, but with a twist: I found myself drawn solely to romance novels.

Rachel Lynn Solomon’s “Today Tonight Tomorrow” swept me off my feet, much like the female lead, Rowan, was swept off hers by her love interest, Neil. I found myself revisiting its pages numerous times, enamored by the beautiful, creative, and, most importantly, personal ways in which they professed their love to each other.

The sincerity of their confessions initially captivated me and kept me returning time and time again.

However, I soon realized that much of what transpires in these novels rarely translates into reality. Correction — almost never.

Nevertheless, I perpetually held out hope for some sort of perfectly imperfect love interest to magically appear — one who could comprehend the true inner workings of my heart and soul.

But, as you can probably predict, that never happened.

I was left yearning for something that never materialized. And while this may sound disheartening because I now possess what some might call “unattainable standards” (an exaggeration, in my opinion), I still don’t believe I’ll ever cease reading them.

Romance novels serve as a source of joy for me. Sure, I could watch a rom-com movie for an hour and a half, but after each ending, I always crave a little more.

With romance novels, I’m provided with that sense of “more” with every turn of a page — 200+ pages packed with detail and connection that truly sets them apart. Not to be cliché, even though it somewhat comes with the territory.

And just to clarify, I don’t read these romance books to apply every detail to my own life because that’s not realistic. What is realistic is not feeling compelled to settle simply because of a tired notion that no guy will ever love me like they do in romance novels.

I understand that my next romantic interest probably won’t declare his love for me with a boombox outside my window in the pouring rain (I’ve always thought that must be some kind of fire hazard). But, I do hope that he’ll find a way to make me feel loved in a unique and personal way, as characters in romance novels always do.

So, on your next trip to the bookstore, consider picking one up. Of course, I’d recommend starting with “Today Tonight Tomorrow” and its newest sequel, which will be released on June 4: “Past Present Future.” But hey, that’s just me.


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