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Spring 2024 Fashion Campaigns: Personalities and Products

In the dynamic landscape of 2024’s brand campaigns, strategic celebrity partnerships have taken center stage.  

By Madison Lamacchia

Graphic By Alicia Chiang

DKNY, SKIMS, and Mejuri are three of the many brands in 2024 with campaigns featuring stellar celebrity partnerships to promote their new collections.


The 2024 DKNY Spring Collection echoes its legacy. The original DKNY emerged with a bold aesthetic while embodying a fresh era of classic American fashion.

With photographer Alasdair McLellan and stylist Alastair McKimm, this Spring 2024 Collection maintains its classic New York energy while elevating DKNY’s new styles to capture the essence of Kaia Gerber, the face of this campaign. 

This new season of DKNY features iconic pieces, including denim, blazers, trenches, and leather jackets — however, all with a refreshed contemporary twist that resonates with 2024. DKNY aims to celebrate a new era of style that connects with today’s fashion and is in harmony with the future’s ambitions.

Gerber epitomizes the ideal candidate for Spring 2024 at DKNY. Her embodiment of contemporary elegance and street-style sophistication aligns seamlessly with the brand’s vision for the collection.

Gerber has appeared on numerous magazine covers both in the US and internationally, and has received several awards for her modeling career. She also appeared in 2023’s hit independent film Bottoms, a youthful and progressive film. Gerber’s involvement with projects such as this film aligns with DKNY’s contemporary vision. 


SKIMS’ recent launch of its newest campaign, the Wedding Shop, seeks to ensure bodies of all types feel special on their wedding day.

Shot by photographer Ellen von Unwert, the 2024 Wedding Shop Collection highlights glamor. It is set against a backdrop of a hotel and wedding chapel reminiscent of the ’60s iconic Vegas brides, modeled by globally acclaimed #1 female podcaster and 2024 Bride-to-Be Alex Cooper. 

The Wedding Shop features 15 limited-edition collections, including honeymoon essentials and even silky sleepwear and boxers for men, catering to grooms. 

Cooper is the ideal face of this new collection due to her influential presence in modern culture and her ability to resonate with her diverse audience, which primarily consists of young women. 

Cooper is the Executive producer and #1 female podcaster of Call Her Daddy and a New York Times bestselling author. Cooper is known for her authentic and candid approach to her audience, which aligns well with SKIMS’ commitment to inclusivity and body positivity. Cooper’s collaboration with SKIMS brings her fresh energy to the campaign to celebrate individuality and confidence. 


Mejuri’s Spring 2024 campaign showcases the brand’s hoop earring collection while emphasizing Mejuri’s position as a leading authority in fashion jewelry. 

The campaign, shot by Cass Bird, features singer and actress Renee Rapp. It is intended to look like a visual diary of Rapp’s life, with every chapter revealing a unique facet of her personality.

With this campaign, Mejuri unveils twelve fresh hoop designs, ranging from sleek to textured to diamond-adorned. These styles are crafted in 14-karat yellow gold, 18-karat gold vermeil, and sterling silver.

Beyond her work in entertainment, Rapp is also vocal about social issues, using her platform to advocate for causes close to her heart, such as mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights. This highlights Rapp as the perfect partner for a brand whose values prioritize self-expression.

Evidently, the synergy between brands and celebrities continues to redefine the landscape of fashion and lifestyle marketing. Gone are the days when brands solely emphasized their products in campaigns; now, the focus is on the personalities representing these campaigns, reflecting the values and essence of the products.


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