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The Art of the Clean Girl

By Anna Giblin

What do Matilda Djerf, Hailey Beiber, and Zoë Kravitz all have in common? They are all examples of the latest style trend — the clean-girl aesthetic. Clear and dewy skin that is natural but glowy; Clean, fresh, perfume scents; Slicked-back buns with sleek middle parts; Elevated basic outfits that resemble an effortless preppy-chic. It’s natural, it's classy, it's attainable. But is it another trend, or a timeless aesthetic?

The clean girl aesthetic enhances natural beauty — minimal makeup with maximum blush. The minimal makeup associated with this style teaches younger generations to appreciate their natural beauty.

Zoë Kravitz and Matilda Djerf are masters of the model-off-duty, basic-but-elevated look. Both have a minimalistic style that strays from overly trendy, leaning towards classic and timeless. The art of layering is key to achieving their look, but so is the art of simplicity. What makes the clean-girl aesthetic so ‘clean’ is the effortlessness attached to it.

The clean-girl aesthetic has adopted influences from fashionable girls of generations prior. Brown and Black women have been sporting the now-trending slicked-back hairstyles for years. The makeup is very 90’s Gwyneth Paltrow-inspired. The fashion blends French classics with trendy basics.

While aspects of the aesthetic are trendy, the things that define it are all timeless. People will be representing the clean girl aesthetic for years to come, because, really, it has never gone out of style.

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