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The Best and Worst of London Fashion

By Anna Giblin

Photo by Anna Giblin

Pictured above is Sarah Coleman (SOT 24) in a sheer top from Bleaq.

I have been in London for two months now studying with BU’s abroad program. In these two months, I have carefully observed the style, energy, and care that Londoners put into their outfits each day.

Each outfit is chosen to coincide with the weather. After all, it’s true what they say about London being so rainy. I’ve walked past some of the most beautifully crafted wool trench coats on the backs of native Londoners; coats that fall below the knee to protect the individual from the inevitable rain and mist. These coats are often paired with a contrasting scarf — the outerwear uniform of Londoners.

Because of the put-together-posh look I am used to seeing on the street, I was almost shocked when I walked into a techno nightclub in my first week to see people in full-on rave outfits. Girls wore chunky lug-sole boots with their outfits, which were made up of next to no fabric. These included micro bikini tops, matching sets, crazy patterns. Not unlike what you would see when scrolling through Shein.

My favorite bit of London fashion, however, came from a pop-up shop that we stumbled across in Soho, called Bleaq. Each piece was eclectic and handmade, with inspiration from London Fashion Week that gave everything a high-end feel while also being created from recycled materials. I saw some of the most unique pieces, including a top made entirely from a pair of Nike Dunk sneakers broken apart.


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