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The Newest TikTok Trend: What is Girl Dinner?

Frankly, a “girl dinner” can be anything

By: Elizabeth Luongo

Picture of a pantry with food
Photo By: Romina Fernandez

The TikTok trend, “girl dinner,” has over 30 million views. A New York Times article describes it as an “aesthetically pleasing lunchable.” This trend became globally popular this past summer. When the heat was too hot to turn the stove on, many people resorted to snack plates. Hence, the girl dinner trend was born. I assume most readers would love to try it but don’t know where to start.

If a large quantity of snacks is consumed at once during regular lunch or dinner hours, that could be girl dinner. We have all had times when we reached the bottom of the popcorn bag and could not leave the couch because of how full we were. However, the more popular take on the ideal girl dinner consists of nutritious and healthier options that hit all categories of food groups. Think salami, cheese, and crackers with carrots and a piece of fruit.

What makes this random assortment a girl dinner is the chaotic glory of it all. All these food groups are “snacks,” but when put together, they can actually count as a meal, especially if it has starch, protein, and a veggie. It is that simple, yet it obtains most, if not all, the same nutrients as a thoroughly prepared and time-consuming meal.

A video that has been viewed over a million times is the viral TikTok that consists of @Liviemaher’s dinner. In the video, she shares her dinner consisting of chunks of butter and cheese, part of a baguette, some grapes and pickles, and a glass of red wine. We can see that there is protein, starch, fruit, and, technically, vegetables (pickles count, right)? Most busy individuals would consider this a meal. This is an ideal dinner, in my opinion, even if a five-course dinner was an alternative option.

So, if you want to ditch that expensive, time-consuming dish you were thinking of making on Saturday for your guests, make them a girl dinner instead. They may appreciate the simplicity of it all (and you can call it a charcuterie board).

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