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Uncovering the Healthiest Options on Campus

My top picks for healthy eats at BU.

By Alicia Hamm

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Finding healthy and balanced meals can come as a challenge in college, especially if you’re in a rush and need to grab something quick! Here are a few on-campus places I rely on for healthy meals and snacks:

Granby Commons

Granby’s menu is the most balanced and health-conscious I’ve seen across all the BU dining halls. It includes a kosher meat station as well as a vegan station. This dining hall offers many foods, including salmon, falafel, and even parslied brown rice with farro. There is a more diverse selection of vegetables here than in other dining halls as well. I have seen collards, broccoli, kale, spinach, squash, eggplant, and more. Some of my favorites at Granby are their mashed sweet potatoes, chicken parmesan, and vegan macaroni and cheese.

Marciano Commons

Gluten Free Kitchen: You can find a balanced selection of foods here. Plates usually come with a vegetable, meat, and grain. Some dishes I’ve tried recently includes the orange chipotle chicken with rice and broccoli, as well as salmon with rice and corn.

Exhibition Saute: From stir fry bowls to create-your-own noodles, this station allows me to customize dishes so they have healthy ingredients. One time I ordered a bowl with soba noodles, spinach, and chicken. Another time, I had a stir fry with broccoli, beef, and brown rice.

Vegan kitchen: There is an array of unique and healthy options here, such as a dish that combines barley and tomatoes. They also offer chana masala, soups, lentils, vegan fried rice, among other options.

George Sherman Union

Greens & Grains: Here you can find salads, fruits, grain bowls, and even a vegan cupcake. The Mediterranean Bowl, for example, includes saffron rice, hummus, mixed greens, and olives. Or, you can opt to build your own bowl, and choose from quinoa, saffron rice, farro, or a vegetable base, in addition to various proteins and toppings.

Basho: This is my go-to whenever I need a quick bite to eat, specifically the “create your own roll” option. I tend to get plain avocado rolls, or if I’m feeling fancy, I’ll order avocado with eel and unagi sauce. Once, when I was in the mood for a more vegetable-centered sushi, I ordered avocado with asparagus (don’t knock it until you try it).

Luckily, BU’s healthy options seem to be better than those of many other universities. It is possible to find a consistent supply of healthy foods on campus if you know where to look. It might come down to checking the online menus ahead of time, mixing and matching different options, and even customizing your own balanced masterpiece.


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