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Why I’ve been to Tatte four times this week

By Ariadna Sandoval

I'm sure almost everybody has heard of Tatte or been there at least once. But for the newcomers, Tatte is basically a brunch paradise, a coffee wonderland, and an Instagram influencer hot spot, all in one.

To get a table at this café is a whole travesty: you wait in line, skim through the menu, simultaneously look for the perfect Instagram-worthy spot, order, and the moment you hear "you are all set," it's a race against time as you sprint past shocked customers to that perfect table you were previously eye marking.

That is, if you find a table; the more realistic scenario being you order to-go and find a bench to share your meal with a nearby squirrel (based on a true story).

And it doesn't take much for someone to figure out why it's always so crowded. For starters, the food is otherworldly. It offers a wide variety of plates ranging from all-day brunch to salads and shakshuka. As their webpage perfectly describes, it provides "elegant comfort food."

But apart from the food, there is something else—a secret pull that seems to attract so many young adults to the place.

I was a freshman when I first went to Tatte. It was actually the first café I ever set foot in when I reached Boston. I remember the signature white clean tiles, elegant tables, and the array of pastries lined up behind the glass panel begging for attention.

I, of course, was completely sold on the place after my first of many Crunchy Halloumi salads, but it was the atmosphere that really pulled me in. The friendly faces waiting to take your orders, the constant but surprisingly calming chatter at the tables, the smell of fresh bread that engulfs the whole place.

Walking into Tatte allows you to press pause on the rapid treadmill that is college life and simply take a breath.

And that's what differentiates Tatte from any other café. You don't see many people studying but rather surprisingly chatting. I bet every BU student is accustomed to the anti-social, stressed-out Starbucks where you see more tired faces hiding behind laptops than coffees on the table. Not Tatte.

So why is it that I've been to Tatte four days in a row? Apart from the mouthwatering Halloumi Sunny Side breakfast sandwich, the elegant Roasted Peach and ricotta tartine, the classic Tatte house latte, and amazing chocolate dome pastries, it's the feeling you get when you first see those white tiles.

For stressed-out students, Tatte is a moment of peace. And during these first few weeks of college, it makes sense why the name Tatte has been part of my schedule for the last four days. And I'm not complaining.

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