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Why You Should Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an opportunity of a lifetime — a new culture, new people, and new experiences.

By: Angelica Vivas

A collage of maps polaroids, stamps and more with the handwritten text study abroad and a quote by Barack Obama
Graphic By: GT Nguyen

College is all about new experiences — new places, people, and environments. Studying abroad is an opportunity of a lifetime that will make your college experience even more memorable.

During my freshman year, I was able to study abroad in London for a six-week semester. Going from Boston to London was a whole new world.

It was overwhelming in the best way possible — there was so much to do in such little time. Although I was taking classes during my stay, it was entirely manageable to distribute my time effectively. For example, I would work in a London cafe after a day of classes, fighting the urge to procrastinate.

Getting out of the States also makes traveling to other cities and countries much easier. In Europe, I was able to travel to Paris and Amsterdam from London. Taking trains instead of flights is more budget-friendly, leaving plenty to spend on fresh French pastries and souvenirs.

Filling your experience abroad with typical sightseeing and new people will open you to a new and unfamiliar culture. As a person who doesn't necessarily thrive with change, this change was everything and more.

Studying abroad is a time of my life I will cherish forever. Being a tourist in a foreign city is always fun when you move to college, but experiencing it in an entirely different country is definitely worth your while.


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