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by the Music Team

Photography by Deanna Klima-Rajchel

Boston University has provided us with plenty of “Frisky February” activities, but if you’d rather lay low, and/or avoid dying from embarrassment, this Valentine’s season, pop in the music team’s “Hot Tracks” playlist. The song selection ranges from steamy (Halsey) to silly (Talking Heads). It’s guaranteed to be #lit.

“Two Weeks” – FKA twigs

Long has The Weeknd reigned supreme as the artist-you-put-on-after-you-bring-someone-back-to-your-place-for-a-hookup music, and rightly so. The Weeknd was making some of the sexiest R&B jams this side of D’Angelo before giving it up, working with Max Martin and trying to be Michael Jackson. Then along came Tahliah Barnett, better known as FKA twigs, her über sexy alter ego responsible for one of 2014’s finest albums and 2015’s best songs. “Two Weeks,” the first taste of her LP1, is explicitly about lust and its lyrics are steamier than anything E.L. James ever wrote. The song’s bass-y synth and snapping drums are the perfect backdrop to twigs’ whispery vocals and whimpers, only adding to the songs overt hotness. – Ben Bonadies

"Drive" – Halsey

First of all, every single Halsey song is hot. Like, steamy hot (not unlike Halsey herself). One of the slower tracks from her 2015 album Badlands, “Drive” is full of subtle drum beats, car sound effects and the pure silk that is Halsey's voice. The words flow from her, and they're not innocent. "Overanalyze again/would it really kill you if we kissed?" she sings. When the male voice joins after the second verse, the song goes from sensual to erotic in a second. They sing together about how "all we do is drive" and that "California never felt like home to me," making me feel some kind of way. Long story short, Halsey is the epitome of sensual beautiful music.  – Emma Parkinson

"I Get Around" – The Beach Boys

Ah, the good old days of rock 'n' roll before every singer said explicitly what they meant. On this Beach Boys classic, baby-faced Brian Wilson coos about the thrill of driving down the beachside boulevard and searching out "hip" kids and new ladies. Don't let the doo-wop influences fool you though; this 1964 classic has a lot of suggestive undertones hiding behind the then-new, luminous genre of shimmying surf rock. – Victoria Wasylak

"Come & Get It" – Selena Gomez

Forget "Same Old Love," "Come & Get It" was when Disney-made superstar Selena Gomez really came into her own and tossed the last shreds of her kid friendly coquettish style out the window. Not that we're complaining; this newly fully-developed pop singer-songwriter suits Top 40 radio and thumping underground clubs just fine. It's a stellar "come hither" track, with hot-blooded vibes in the pulsating beat of the chorus and Gomez's "I'll be waiting" attitude in her lyrics. – Victoria Wasylak

“Eva” – MMoths

“Eva” is a new single from MMoths debut LP Luneworks, which will be released in March 2016. Lead vocalist Jack Colleran sings atop a toe-tapping tune of electric snare and melodic repetition, while mixing a raspy consistency, the main backbone of the single, that is sure to hook you in. MMoths evokes complexity while making serenity; a weird mix of musical elements, which you wouldn't quite expect, is executed successfully throughout this single. – Abigail Miglorie

“Ignition (Remix)” – R. Kelly

When one thinks of the phrase "hot tracks," another phrase is sure to follow: bumpin'. What can be more bumpin' than the 2003 hit by the infamous R. Kelly? This song (and the music video) has everything your throwback-loving heart could desire. This February, enjoy Kelly's smooth voice and catchy hook as you get ready for a romantic night out or a fun night in; “Ignition” suits both occasions. – Deanna Klima-Rajchel

“Burning Down the House” – Talking Heads

For a more literal interpretation of the theme: enter the 1983 classic. New Wave certainly isn't for everyone, but this hot hit can be used for nearly anything upbeat and fun. “Burning Down the House” is sure to bring the vibe up to 365 degrees; just make sure you don't take the jam too literally. – Deanna Klima-Rajchel

“Summer Sixteen” – Drake

The semester may have just started, but thanks to global warming (scary, I know) we all have the heat on our minds. Fortunately, Aubrey Graham blessed us with a single off of his highly anticipated album, Views From The 6. While I’m confident the rest of this album will be even better, “Summer Sixteen” is an excellent peek at the album set to drop in April. In the meantime, bask in 6God’s tongue-in-cheek wordplay and chuckle along to lyrics like: “Now I got a house in LA/ Now I got a bigger pool than Ye/ and look man, Ye’s pool is nice/ mine is just bigger is what I’m saying.” This friendly jab at Kanye is motivation to get your life together so you can have your own pool one day too. – Kenny Ramos

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