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Spring Break in Boston

Photo by Brittany Chang

by Emily Confalone

Photography by Brittany Chang

It’s the afternoon of March 5. You are on the cusp of dying of boredom. All of your friends have left for their various vacations or hometowns. Snapchat stories feature tearful pet-owner reunions and beautiful beaches in the sun. The group chat with your BU friends is starting to hibernate in your inbox. You stare blankly at your dorm room view of Warren’s B Tower. You are an enigma.

The above description is what you will not be doing this spring break as you traverse the streets of Boston. Sure, your friends have opted for a change of pace, but fear not! I have a plan that will guarantee you a rad 2016 spring break.

1) Eat everything.

It’s spring break! It’s time to treat yo’ self. Bikini bods are rendered useless in Boston’s frigid March winds. Scrap FitRec and head on down to El Pelón Taqueria by Fenway and the City Target. I suggest getting a carnitas burrito with a Mexican coke on the side. El Pelón puts Chipotle to shame, plus there’s no risk of getting an outrageous infection. When you are done demolishing that godly burrito, simply walk out the door and 20 steps to your left and you will find Boston’s most Insta-worthy coffee shop. Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes is a local favorite and rocks nice pink patterned wallpaper and some prime lighting. A nice Tudor Breakfast Crepe made with smooth peanut butter and fresh apples would go great with a latte, so get one of those too. At this point, fatigue will set in and you will feel the urge to succumb to your food coma. Do so, but after that nap, take the green line and get off at Arlington. From there, walk a short distance and you will find a shop that challenges the King of New England, Dunkin’ Donuts. Blackbird Donuts serves heavenly, doughy treats that you will love, no question. I have no recommendations when it comes to ordering because the menu changes day to day. Do you know what that means? Get everything. Get all the donuts. When you head back to your dorm room approximately 15 pounds heavier, know that you killed the spring break game. You are now a national hero, congratulations.

2) Become cultured.

Boston is home to some of the world’s best art, so take advantage of your location and become an intellectual! If you haven’t yet, you should check out the MFA, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the ICA and the Museum of Science. These are the more popular museums that people go to, so if you want to mix it up, check out the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum and the Old State House. There is so much culture that BU students do not realize is associated with one of the oldest cities in the U.S. Do your high school history teacher a favor and demonstrate some interest in some of Boston’s oldest towns. After gaining knowledge, go for tea. You may think that the Boston Public Library is a cesspool of wannabe corporate lawyers, but there is also a little place that serves high tea on the right side of the first floor. Do your own Boston Tea Party! ‘Gram it, tweet it, Facebook it. George Washington would be proud.

3) Visit Hollywood’s favorite places.

Boston is the backdrop for some of Hollywood’s most well known movies. Good Will Hunting, Ted, The Town, Fever Pitch, Spotlight and Black Mass are only some of the films based in our humble city. Do a movie marathon in your dorm room and the head out to visit some of the filming locations. Check out the Boston Common and sit on the bench that Matt Damon and Robin Williams sat on. Read a book on the bench. Be the bench. Visit some of the Catholic churches that were under fire during the Spotlight investigation involving the archdiocese of Boston. Educate yourself on America’s most famous mobster, Whitey Bulger. One of BU’s most famous professors, Dick Lehr, wrote the book that Black Mass was based off of. I bet you will get hooked on these stories, so make sure to sign up for his class if you are a COM student. It is important to note that while The Town is very entertaining, try to avoid robbing a bank this spring break.

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