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The Boston Waterfront

by Anna Barry

Photography by Michaela Johnston

The Boston Waterfront has, within the last few years, gone from parking lots and docks to a hotbed of activity. With new high-rises, new restaurants and plenty to explore, the Waterfront is a must-visit during the semester.

You may know the Waterfront area from Instagrams of your friends laughing on the iconic, light-up Lawn on D chairs. Camilla Kemppainen (SAR ’18) has been to Lawn on D, and thinks it’s the perfect place to meet up with friends.

Not only does the Lawn on D provide fun chairs to swing on, but it also has games like ping-pong and cornhole which you are free to play with your friends during specific hours which are noted on the Lawn on D’s website.

A selling point of the Waterfront are the amazing restaurants located on the harbor front. There is everything from Legal Sea Foods Harborside to Temezcal Tequila Cantina to the more posh Ocean Prime or Meritage Restaurant. No matter what you are in the mood for, there is sure to be an option and price point. Soak in the views of the harbor and cherish this awesome retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life with its beachy, relaxed vibe.

“My favorite parts [of the Waterfront] would be eating outside on the deck with the view and then walking around after dinner,” said Liv Byrne (COM ’18).

The Waterfront offers attractions like the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston Children’s Museum and the Boston Aquarium. The ICA is an ultra modern glass building, which holds its exquisite collection of contemporary artwork. It is known for its rotating exhibitions which keep the museum alive and always interesting.

If contemporary art is not your thing and you are still a child at heart, the Boston Children’s Museum is an interactive museum, which has everything from a KidStage to a three-story area donated to the museum by New Balance. Fun fact: the Boston Children’s Museum has adult nights, so check their website to see when the next adult night is so you can enjoy the museum without being asked if you’re too old to be there.

“I love the Boston aquarium down there and walking by the boardwalks along the water,” said Alexis Chestnov (COM ’18). Instead of an aquarium filled to the brim with different species and big exhibits, the Boston aquarium offers an intimate look into aquatic wildlife with small tanks and a breathtaking center exhibit with a wraparound staircase.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember, in the business of a collegiate schedule, that there is a whole city out there to explore.

“It's funny because on BU's campus, you have the Charles River, but you forget that Boston has a whole harbor that has a different, sailor-like or fisherman kind of vibe to it,” said Chestnov.

The Waterfront is one of the hippest places to be, so head on down to the harbor and make a day of it to explore the wonderful museums, restaurants and boardwalks that line the area.

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