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Broad Sounds

by Victoria Wasylak

Photos courtesy of Magnum PR

The first episode of Broad City’s third season starts with a montage that reiterates the brilliance of the show that landed it on Comedy Central to begin with; co-stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobsen practice their usual bong-ripping crude humor in the bathroom usually reserved for men. In the background Lizzo and Caroline Smith’s collaboration “Let ’Em Say” plays over the slew of shenanigans.

“Let ’em say what they’re gonna say/ They’re gonna feel how they’re gonna feel/ And I love it/ I love it/ and baby, hey you should too!”

The let-it-roll-off-your-back feminist anthem, which frames the series perfectly in essence and attitude, is only one of the songs included on the new Broad City soundtrack, out via Milan Records on October 28.

Broad City’s goal has always been to convey the fast-paced ridiculousness that comes with living and partying in New York, all viewed through a feminist lens. Most notoriously, Glazer and Jacobsen talk frankly about sex, much like men, without the limitations of men (or women) being their only interest, unlike their quasi-feminist predecessors in Sex and the City. The best friends combat sexism with middle finger smiles and ballsy attitudes, all while facing the grisly thrills of New York City living.

With themes like these, executive producer Matt FX, along with Jacobsen and Glazer, battled the challenge of equipping the comedy with songs that suit the kookiness and confidence with which the ladies face their everyday dilemmas. Indeed, nothing like lewd chat of “Low Drop” by Normaling (feat. Rye Rye & TT The Artist) and the bluntness of mellow banger “Marijuana” by Zebra Katz and Kashaka paint nearly as vibrant a picture of the girls’ absurd lives as the actual show does. The tongue-in-cheek humor of the show goes as far to include “spliff-ruling instructions” with illustrations from artist Mike Perry printed on green paper.

“There's mad energy in the music for the show, and that ties directly into the not so subtle boss mentality Ilana and Abbi have as writers and characters,” said Dé Von Campbell, New Hampshire musician and producer. “[I’m] pretty sure I'm not the only one who's fallen in love with them, and the music definitely helps accentuate why; it's eclectic, confident as fuck, and has a bold feminist tone to it, all things I think the characters and the show represent to a T. The anthems that soundtrack their craziness is honestly half the fun of watching it."

Not only are TV soundtracks rare (let alone hyped), but seldom are they pressed to vinyl. Aside from digital downloads, the soundtrack will be available on electric yellow vinyl exclusively at Urban Outfitters.

“I think we don't see a lot of soundtracks coming out for TV shows, so that in and of itself is pretty appealing to me both as a viewer of the show and music lover,” said BU student and local musician Emma Seslowsky (COM ’18). “Also, the show features a lot of obscure music that a lot of viewers might really enjoy while watching the show and then forget about later, so this is good press for not only the show but for the artists. Also, lots of female artists and P.O.C. [are] being featured which is not a bad thing!”

Anyone familiar with the Comedy Central show knows that Glazer has a penchant for well-intentioned (although sometimes poorly executed) social justice tirades, and the inclusion of mainly minority artists further reflects the show’s priorities on the 12-track compilation. When the needle drops, the show’s intro “Latino & Proud” sample by DJ Raff blasts, but for a full taste of the exotic jam, the entire song plays at the end of the album.

“When I saw the ‘Broad City’ clip I felt that it fit very well in terms of the graphics, the storyline and the characters,” DJ Raff said in the release for the album. “Everything went well together and the song felt perfect on the show… I’ve seen a lot of positive comments on SoundCloud, YouTube, and other social networks saying, ‘Broad City’ got me here."

Broad City’s Original Series Soundtrack Tracklist

1. Latino & Proud - DJ Raff (Intro)

2. Tigre - Jarina De Marco (Soundtrack Exclusive)

3. Marijuana - Zebra Katz & Kashaka

4. La Nueva Condena - Ana Tijoux

5. #NOTYOURS - Scooter Island Ft. Junglepussy

6. YES Bitch - K Rizz

7. Steady Now - Tasha The Amazon (Cubby x Karman Remix)

8. Let 'Em Say - Lizzo & Caroline Smith

9. Dat Gyal - Tony Quattro (Soundtrack Exclusive)

10. Low Drop - Normaling (Ft. Rye Rye & TT The Artist)

11. See You Leave - RJD2 (Ft. STS & Khari Mateen)

12. Latino & Proud - DJ Raff

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