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Netflix Mixology

By Danielle Bozzone

Photography By Madeleine Arch

Sometimes, the best way to relax after a tough week is to spend a night in, alone or with friends, and settle in for a nice Netflix binge.

However, as college students, sometimes a glass of wine (or two) is necessary to fully unwind. Here are some Netflix favorites and the drinks to match, so that you can briefly forget about those two papers you have coming up.

Show: Stranger Things

Pairs Well With: “The Bloody Barb” AKA Bloody Mary

Why: While fans may never get justice for Barb, at the very least they can drink to her memory. Stranger Things is most recent blockbuster from Netflix and features the triumphant return of Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers) and arrival of Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven). With Halloween just around the corner, it is the perfect time to start watching or even start re-watching this fantastical horror series and ode to all things ‘80s. Additionally, this pairing, in the spirit of a show whose cast is almost entirely under 21, can also be served as a virgin cocktail with a little kick.

Show: Luke Cage

Pairs Well With: A Manhattan

Why: Coming on the heels Netflix’s successful joint efforts with Marvel, Jessica Jones and Daredevil, is another super powered-series based in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. Mark Hughes of Forbes wrote, “Luke Cage is bold and unapologetic in its willingness to portray realistic situations reflecting both past and present cultural and political truths— and the convergence of the past and present.”

Mike Colter’s strong and charismatic performance as Cage and the show’s bold choice to make statements about race in America deserves to be paired with a spirit like whiskey: as subtly complex as it is bold. Plus, when viewers first met Luke Cage in Jessica Jones, he owned and operated his own bar. The character definitely appreciates a classic cocktail.

Show: Shameless

Pairs Well With: Vodka and Emergen-C

Why: We’ve all been there: young, kind of broke and looking for something to make your cheap vodka taste less like rubbing alcohol. While watching the dysfunctional Gallagher family, you might need the super sweet burst Emergen-C gives your drink to wash down some of the hard truths of alcoholism the show depicts.

“In the show Frank never dies even though he has had alcohol poisoning countless times and had to get a liver replacement because he drinks so much,” said Rahel Tebo (CAS ‘17). “So something that has something good for you like Emergen-C to balance out the negative effects of the alcohol so you can stand to keep drinking it is really in the spirit of the show.”

Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Pairs Well With: Beer of any kind

Why: For bar owners who presumably have access to all the choices in the world, the Always Sunny gang almost exclusively drinks beer. Every episode has the same tone and theme: jokes are politically incorrect and things are so wrong they’re right. Ideal episodes for knocking back a few cold ones are “The Gang Beats Boggs,” in which the gang tries to drink 50 beers on a cross-country flight, or “CharDeeMacDenis: The Game of Games,” where they play a drinking game of their own creation.

Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Pairs Well With: Pinot Noir

Why: A cult classic show that is just as known for its quick wit and dark humor as it is for its tackling of heavy topics, Buffy is perfectly paired with a wine that is sweet yet dark and sensual. While it is not a new addition to Netflix, it is a classic show perfect for returning and new fans alike. New viewers may recognize David Boreanaz, now on Bones, and Alyson Hannigan of How I Met Your Mother both in leading roles, while returning fans may want to settle in for a seasonal episode like “Halloween” or a favorite like “Once More, With Feeling.”

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