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Fashion's Most Confusing Season

by Madeline Grubert

Photography by Noor Nasser

From snow days to summer heat, Boston experiences regularly irregular weather patterns, welcoming us into one of the most confusing seasons for fashion.

This lukewarm, ever-changing climate between March and May can be frustrating and uncomfortable for even the savviest dressers. In a matter of days, a winter coat or heavy boots can go from a complete necessity to obsolete.

In February, Boston experienced the second-warmest winter recorded in the city’s history, according to a recent Boston Globe article. While students were thrilled to swap their winter coats for jean jackets and cardigans, winter soon returned to New England.

Hannalea Resnik, (COM ’19), she said relies consistently on the forecast to ensure she’s dressed appropriately for the day to overcome the changing weather.

“Sometimes, even when I check the weather, I’m still wearing the wrong thing,” she said.

Andy Moeller (SED/CAS ’18) said he struggles with creating outfits in spring due to lack of flexibility with men’s clothing.

“Pants can be rolled, sweaters can be taken off, and button down shirts can be unbuttoned,” he said. “With men's fashion, it's a bit harder since there’s only staple items rather than a wide variety of stuff to wear.”

Leandra Medine, editor-in-chief of the fashion blog Man Repeller, has addressed this summer itch before on her blog. Her advice is to get over it, revamp your winter gear and accept the reality that summer is still on the horizon.

For those of you itching to embrace your summer wardrobe, here are some tips:

1. Layer, layer, layer!

Layering can be essential during this season. You won’t have to wear your winter coat, but you won’t be freezing your face off walking down the street. If you warm up, take off a layer––it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Adopt the ‘frayed hem look’!

From J Brand to H&M, you’ll find that your favorite designers are creating jeans with frayed hems. The trend is perfect for the summer-lusting soul. Most designs are cropped, wide-legged and perfect for wearing flats or sneakers underneath. In menswear, cuffing a jean hem and paring them with an accented sock will have the same result. If you’re ready to get out of your winter boots and into summer jeans, this is the perfect balance.

3. Ditch the winter coat but keep the winter accessories!

If you want out of your bulky winter coat, go for it—just make sure to wear some form of outerwear, and be creative with winter accessories.

4. Spring fashion with a winter twist!

Take a look in your wardrobe and find a way to balance the warm with the cold. Layer a camisole dress over a turtleneck, or knee-high boots and socks with your favorite summer dress. Find a way to satisfy your summer cravings while staying warm.

5. Find your old fishnet tights!

The resurgence of this trend is the perfect solution for those who want a head start on wearing ripped jeans and short skirts while maintaining a winter edge. If you don’t dig the fishnets, any tights will do—find something that matches your personal style.

Despite New England’s recent sunny weather, winter is not over just yet. Don’t bury your winter coat, nor your boots and heavy sweaters. Keep your eye on the forecast and you’re sure to find plenty of days to rock some spring vibes.

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