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The Hot Spots

by Marianne Farrell

Photograph courtesy of Noor Nassar

One of the many perks of going to Boston University is included right within the name of the school: Boston. Ranked as one of the top college cities in America, Boston has an enormous amount of activities to offer. For any nervous BU freshmen out there reading this article, one of the best ways to feel comfortable at school and in this brand new city is to go around and explore. After visiting some of these attractions in Boston, homesickness and nerves will be a thing of the past.

Faneuil Hall

As one of the most popular places for tourists in Boston, Faneuil Hall is a great place for freshman to really get a feel for what this city is all about. It is one of the oldest, most historic sites Boston has to offer; the variety of seafood restaurants and cobble stone streets are packed with tourists. This one place encapsulates a lot of the lively spirit and diversity Boston has become known for. To top off all the other fun aspects of Faneuil Hall, street performers tend to flock to the area in order dazzle audiences through intricate dances and flipping over people, truly a sight to behold.

Museum of Fine Arts

For those incoming freshman who have already landed a cute date for the weekend, or who just want to go on a little education expedition with their new friends, the Museum of Fine Arts is the perfect place. As one of the less popular tourist attractions in Boston, the busiest times for the museum are on the weekends, and if you go then you are guaranteed to see college students from all over the Boston area. For those who may not be as interested in the art and would prefer a nighttime event, the MFA has a film series this year. Some of the events this September include screenings of Get Out, I Dream in Another Language, To Kill a Mockingbird and Remix: Clue.

Coolidge Corner

For other fledging film buffs at BU, Coolidge Corner also offers a wide variety of movies at the famous Coolidge Corner Theater. The theatre plays anything from the big blockbuster hits just released to special one-night-only showings of classic Hollywood movies to double feature horror movies on Halloween. Coolidge Corner contains other unique spots as well, such as the Knight Moves: Board Game Café and the nearby Brookline Farmer’s Market.

“Last year I saw A Clockwork Orange on 70mm sitting in the front row at Coolidge Corner,” said Harrison Rusk (COM ’20). “It was an insane experience.”


Freshmen already bored of the Charles River Campus, go check out another part of Boston bustling with other slightly scared, incredibly intelligent college freshman. The campuses of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are both ideal spots for introspective walks after a long, difficult week of classes. The Harvard Art Museums, the MIT Museum and the Harvard Museum of Natural History are all open to the public as well. For those students searching for new shops away from Newbury Street, check out Harvard Square and Boomerangs, a popular vintage store in Cambridge.

T. Anthony’s

This destination is a rite of passage for all freshmen. Head over to T. Anthony’s Pizzeria, located at 1016 Commonwealth Avenue, and pick up a slice, or an entire pizza, of delicious, mouth-watering mozzarella stick pizza. Enjoy seeing a multitude of people, from freshman to alumni, head to this BU staple on a Friday night, all for the famous mozzarella stick pizza.

“Once you eat your first T’s, you’ll never want to leave Boston,” said Kristin Lunt (COM ’20).

Boston may seem a little daunting at first, but getting out and exploring the wide variety of events, neighborhoods, attractions and restaurants in Boston makes the transition to college a whole lot easier.

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