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Splash Recap

by Ashley Griffin

Photo courtesy of Eva Vidan Gallagher

Why join a club?

Most of us spent high school joining honors societies and sports teams to add to our college applications. That part of our lives is over. In college, we have the opportunity to explore our personal and career interests by joining student organizations for fun. There are over 450 clubs to choose from. Here are some frequently overlooked clubs that are worth consideration.

BU Choral Society

BU Choral Society a non-audition, co-ed choir that performs at least once a semester. Sometimes, the choir performs in retirement homes as well. They also have an audition-only Chambers choir if you’re looking for an extra challenge. They meet twice a week on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.

Smash Bros Society

If you’re just looking for a place to rewind with some video games, check this club out. They meet up weekly to play the popular videogame.

Ukulele Club

The great thing about the Ukelele club is that you don’t need any music experience to join. There are always plenty of ukuleles to share, so you can go even if you don’t own one. The club’s leaders make it easy to learn. After just one meeting, you’ll have a few songs under your belt.

BU Outing Club

If you like hiking, camping and outdoor explorations, the BU Outing Club is for you. They host trips to mountains, movie nights and more. Last spring, they went to Mount Washington, Quebec City and Cape Cod.

BU Residence Hall Association

This club is a great way to make friends in your dorm and make sure the events ResLife hosts are interesting to you. Also, joining RHA now can help you if you’re thinking about becoming an RA. Typically, meetings are once a week, and they sometimes even have food. Ask your RA for details!

One of the great things about BU is that there’s a club for almost anything. If your interest isn’t already a student organization, then you can create it! Whatever you do, getting involved somehow will help make your college experience more

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