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The Bolder the Better

by Julia Seelig

Graphic courtesy of Deanna Klima-Rajchel

Goodbyes are bittersweet. But, when it comes to the world of fashion, season changes are what we live for. As summer quickly turns into fall, and we reluctantly trade in our bikinis for book-bags, we’re giving you a layout of the season’s biggest, boldest and somewhat surprising trends, to make your days of beachy hair and sun-kissed skin a little easier to let go of.

The Bag Trend:

While straw and net bags were all the rage this summer, those hot-weather must-haves will not hold this fall. However, you can look forward to a slew of new and exciting trends to choose from in the coming season. And, trust me, these bags do not disappoint.

Amongst the hottest trends are textured bags––think fuzz––structured ladylike bags, logo bags and mini-vintage bags. So take your pick, because the options are endless.

The Shoe Trend:

It may not be time to put your summer shoe collection away just yet! Unlike in the bag department, some major summer shoe styles are carrying into the fall––with new twists of course.

Slides, for instance, remain an ‘it-shoe’ in the new season. However, while this season’s slides may not be waterproof, furry accents are sure to keep your feet warm on those crisp fall days. And, you know those white shoes that you fell in love with this summer because they made every outfit look totally chic? Well, white boots are the perfect transition piece that fashion girls everywhere are rocking this fall.

And of course, the shoe trends do not stop there. In fact, this season is all about the revamped throwbacks. So, it may be time to dig through your mom’s old shoe boxes and see if you can find some of the biggest of-the-moment styles: kitten sling backs and slouchy boots.

The Color Trend:

Every fall, our closets are full of the classics: navy, forest green and berry and wine colors. However, this season there is one unexpected color we just can’t resist. Taylor swift said it best, “Oh red; burning red,” because fire-engine red is the color we can’t––and won’t––stay away from this fall. This vibrant red can make or break any outfit. So, whether you want to use it as a pop of color in your shoes and accessories, or your red-satin dress is the new go-to for a night-out, find a way to incorporate this bold color into your fall look!

Fall’s fresh styles present many fashion-forward opportunities. A rich and playful mix of funky patterns and daring textures will keep you wanting more. However, as your wallet may not allow it, remember that this season is all about the mix-and-match. So take advantage of your creativity and experiment with outfit combos that express your boldest, truest self.

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