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What's New Around BU

by Marianne Farrell

Photograph courtesy of BU

With the end of a full week of classes and another weekend in the books, most Boston University students are already feeling at home again, as though the summer was months ago, not just a mere week ago. Along with the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed freshman walking around campus, there are other new aspects around BU as well.

Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering

While this building was technically finished at the very end of last semester, this semester it is finally filled with BU students. The reflective glass building is hard to miss, especially next to the old, but sturdy, College of Communications. Even though this building is mainly meant for graduate science and engineering students conducting research, anyone can head into the nine-story high building to check out the amazing view of Commonwealth Avenue it boasts.

“I’m a bio major so it actually applies to stuff I do,” said Niki Rakauskas (CAS ’20). “I’ll actually go and use it.”

Joan and Edgar Booth Theatre

Yet another new building is being erected on BU’s campus, however this one has a bit of a ways to go until it will be finished. The fabulous new theatre is the perfect addition to the College of Fine Arts and will surely be appreciated by the hard-working CFA students. According to BU, the Joan and Edgar Booth Theatre will contain a 250-seat theatre, classrooms, costume and production shops and design labs. This new theatre will surely bring in even more talented students to the prestigious CFA.

Panera Bread

Other than BU slapping down money for some impressive new buildings, there have been some sad losses for BU. Panera Bread, located right across from the CFA, closed over the summer. For many students and faculty alike, this closing is quite sad, especially since there are no other convenient lunch spots with as many options that Panera had in the area. Hopefully another equally as great lunch place takes Panera’s spot.

Rhett’s in West Campus

Many students knew about the closing of Panera over the summer, but the closing of Extreme Pita for another Rhett’s is quite shocking. Extreme Pita, a staple of late night eats in West Campus, on par with T. Anthony’s, closed abruptly, shocking BU students. Thankfully, putting Rhett’s in Extreme Pita’s place has not let anyone down so far.

Blaze Pizza

There may not be a popular burger place by campus anymore, even though BurgerFri really never opened, yet no one seems to be bothered by the installation of a Blaze Pizza in West Campus. Originally only located in Fenway, the pizza place may end up becoming more popular than T. Anthony’s at the rate it is growing. Blaze may not have mozzarella stick pizza, but you can customize your own mini pizza with any toppings and sauce for a relatively decent price. T’s better watch out.

“I love Blaze,” said Addy Codispoti (COM ’19). “I am so excited. It’s like Chipotle and it’s so cheap too.”

Balance Patch

Perhaps the most unique addition to BU has been the video game café located in Allston. This café is Boston’s “first social video game experience,” according to its website, and is still in its soft opening phase. Bring a group of friends in to play any video game, partake in special viewing events or even meet some totally new people with the same gaming taste. All gamers are welcome here.

BU will continue to change every year; in fact, by the time winter break rolls around even more buildings and restaurants will pop up around the area. Who knows what will be next.

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