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The Midterm Blues

by Ashley Griffin

Photography courtesy of Ashely Griffin

The dreaded midterm season is upon us. Studying is never fun, but a nice view can make it a little more enjoyable. It can be hard to break the monotony of your day-to-day life in college, but hopefully these suggestions will help you spice things up.

Mugar Library

I’ll start with the most obvious one: the largest library on campus. With levels that become quieter the higher up you go, this building has a variety of study environments to fit your needs. For your group project needs, there is a group studying room on the third floor that also has computers and a printer.


This building has two great study areas: the second floor and the top floor. The second floor consists of a room scattered with tables, and several study rooms that are great for group projects surround it. The top floor has floor-to-ceiling windows that look down on the Boston skyline and the Charles River.

Kilachand Honors College

The ninth floor of this building, which used to be a hotel, offers a panoramic view similar to that of StuVi. There are lots of tables that are great for group work. There is also a silent study room in addition to the main room. If the top floor is too crowded, the first floor is a great second option.

The Howard Thurman Center

This space in the basement of the GSU is used by students for events, dining and studying alike. Instead of wasting precious study time waiting for a booth to open up, take advantage of the couches downstairs.

The Esplanade Docks

If it is an unreasonably warm day for fall, try sitting out on one of the boating docks along the Charles River. It’s a nice spot for doing class reading or writing an essay. You might even see some sail boats from BU or MIT.

Harvard University

Take a trip off campus. While you need a Harvard University ID card to swipe into most libraries, there are some great options open to the public. Try out Boylston Hall in the Harvard Yard, the Harvard Science Center Plaza or any of the numerous cafés in the area. Bonus points if you get a post-studying burrito at Felipe’s or an ice cream cone at J.P. Licks.


Try a café like Starbucks or Darwin’s Ltd near MIT. Get your caffeine fix, munch on a sandwich and knock out that midterm review. Also, the walk across the Mass Ave Bridge is beautiful, despite being really windy.

Boston Public Library at Copley Square

Harry Potter fans will love the Hogwarts-esque interior design of this building. It has study halls lined with tables, and it probably has most of the novels you need for your WR100 class.

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