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Autumn Acoustic

by the Music Team

Photography courtesy of Grace Johnson

With tight schedules and full workloads, we are definitely in need of some down-time this fall season. For this month’s playlist, we’re taking things slow. Whether it’s for a productive homework session or a chilled-out afternoon, here is a list of relaxing songs that should be played at every coffee shop.

“So Young” by Portugal, The Man

With the hype surrounding their summer single "Feel It Still”, this song has mostly flown under the radar. It's a fantastic slow jam that highlights John Gourley's stellar falsetto. – Cole Schoneman

“If I Believe You” by The 1975

The 1975's sophomore album I like it when you sleep... features 17 tracks, making it easy to gloss over this phenomenal coffee shop R&B track. – Cole Schoneman

“My Offwhite Flag” by Dirty Projectors

Like all Dirty Projectors songs, this track is an amalgam of many seemingly disparate musical influences. With its strong Latin-jazz influence, chanted lyrics, droning synths, indie rock guitar patterns and palpable sense of atmosphere, the song evokes a truly unique feeling within the listener. While it's hard to describe exactly what that feeling is, it is an undeniably addictive and deceptively cozy tune for the beginning of autumn. – Paul Stokes

“Over My Shoulder” Pinegrove

While almost literally any Pinegrove song could be your perfect fall song, “Over My Shoulder” stands as one of the band's most addictively atmospheric and emotional songs, which is saying a lot when it comes to Pinegrove. Once the introductory guitar and drum rhythms give way to the jittery, frenetic bounce of the chorus it's nearly impossible not to be hooked. With Evan Stephens Hall's vocals as beautifully twangy as ever and his lyrics as emotionally charged and poignant as ever, the song is sure to become a favorite in the autumn months. – Paul Stokes

“These Days” by Nico

A symphony of texture, guitars and violins mingle to create a warmth reminiscent of autumn. Nico optimistically reflects on a hard past, realizing her growth. With the transitioning of seasons, this kind of spiritual rebirth is a natural occurrence. – Rhoda Yun “Cherry Wine” by Hozier

The resounding strum of acoustic guitar paired with Hozier’s velvet vocals, this song embodies the warmth of an approaching autumn. The image of a deep red glass of wine inspires our fall hues. – Rhoda Yun

“My Funny Valentine” by Chet Baker

This jazzy number will put anyone in a roaring ’20s throwback. Chet's smooth vocals can get anyone out of a funk and back feeling peaceful. All girls are going to be wishing they had someone who could serenade them with this soulful gem. – Nicki Hymowitz

“I'm Into You” by Chet Faker

Electronic soul music? Yes, it’s real. This Australian mastermind has found a way to mix two totally opposite genres and create a beautiful masterpiece. His soulful voice and slow electronic rhythm will put you in all the right moods.

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