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How to D(o)IY Halloween Right

by Madison Duddy

Photography courtesy of Alejandra Aristeguieta

With October comes the start of fall; colorful leaves painting the streets, brisk mornings warmed with a pumpkin spice latte and the cozy comfort of a soft sweater. This season can be calming until the haunting question mark over Halloween costume ideas hits. The stressful, mad dash for costume ideas, usually the week-of, initiates racing to stores and spending an exorbitant amount of money on expedited shipping––all with the hopes that costumes arrive before the beginning of ‘Halloweekend.’ However, here is one trick to spending little to no money and avoiding pre-Halloween anxiety: DIY costumes.

Taking a glance at Pinterest or articles on DIY costumes can lend thousands of cheap, funny and unique ideas that will stand-out at any event. Boston University students Malaika Moyer and Mikayla Gordon shared their favorite DIY Halloweens. Malaika made a creative ladybug costume where she wore a red tutu, antennas, and sewed cut-out felt circles onto a red shirt. Mikayla decided to do Harley Quinn her own way with blue and red stockings, a white tank top, and smokey-eye makeup with red accents and a red lip. Here are some DIY costumes to inspire you in your mid-October costume block.

The T Lines

This Boston-inspired costume can be made with no stress and no cost. Great for groups or a single (rider), all it requires is clothing in the color of your chosen T line and a printed out “T” logo stapled, taped, or hung on the outfit.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Many say Boston runs on Dunkin’, and this punny costume is guaranteed to get some laughs. Just dress up like a basketball player (maybe the Celtics), wear an inflatable donut around your waist, and carry a mini basketball. Have fun with this idea and shoot hoops all night long into anything at a party!


Ever heard diggin’ holes builds character? Resurrect Caveman and Zero with this fun DIY costume for your squad. Wear an orange jumpsuit, white shirt, rub some dirt or burnt cork on yourself, and carry a mini beach shovel. You can even add a bucket hat or wear an empty water container around your neck.

Fast Food

Ready to cross the finish line this Halloween? Since we are in Boston––the running city––dress up as a runner with your favorite fast food logo. This punny costume is easy to make and inexpensive. Just shake the dust off your workout clothes and sport a pair of running shorts, sneakers and knee socks in your chosen fast food chain’s colors, plus a shirt with the respective logo on it. Also, throw a medal around your neck and staple a competitor number to your shirt. Any added fast food props are highly encouraged, like a Burger King Crown.

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